Our Best Self-love Mindset Body love Trainings
Learn how to stop Obsessing 
and Start living
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We put together this  training because these big shifts have changed everything for us. And we know it will help you too!

This is for the girls who want to be healthy, happy but don't want to obsessive over it. 
  •  These bodies are not made in a gym.
  •  These bodies are not made from long workouts.
  •  These bodies are not made from dieting. 
  •  These bodies are not made from any special pill or superfood powder
  •  These bodies are not made from hating on it every day or picking at it.
  •  These bodies are made from a balanced moderate way of eating that includes chocolate everyday...and not just one square either because we all know one square isn’t enough.
  •  These bodies are made from doing short intense home workouts mixed with low intensities full body moves.
  •  These bodies are made made from love, grace, self compassion and forgiveness. And lots of positive self talk! 
We help women stop obsessing about their bodies and thinking they aren’t enough, by rediscovering their worth and reclaiming their power through mindful eating and intentional movement so that they can live up to their true potential to go after their dreams. 

We do what we do because we know what it feels like to struggle, hate yourself, feel alone and like you’re broken. We don’t want others to feel alone.
Lori and Michelle, the Purelytwins 
DISCLAIMER: This program is not designed to diagnose or treat those suffering from clinically-diagnosed eating disorders. The information enclosed in this course is for educational purposes only and Lori and Michelle, purelytwins, take no responsibility for the choices that you make with your nutrition. By enrolling in this, you acknowledge that you alone are responsible and if you have questions, you understand that you can and should consult to your physician. 
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