Effortlessly Enjoy Food with no stress or anxiety with our life-changing shifts we did that literally changed our feelings and mindset around food (and our bodies) and ended dieting and being at war with food.
Watch part of the call for FREE in the video below:

If you enjoyed this video you will want to unlock the rest of this 90 minute replay of the LIVE training because it was insanely powerful and everyone loved it.  


You also are getting another BONUS coaching call where we answered these questions ...

- Discussing more on overcoming food fears
- Addressing -I am eating healthy but can't heal my body from candida
- How to eat moderately and still achieve your health goals


Come get in on this.


What you get along with the coaching call..

 A powerful workbook filled with journal prompts to do the inner work to help you breakthrough food fears.

 These are the questions we had to work through ourselves to get clear on what was really causing so much stress around food where...

 NOW we have food freedom where we can eat anything when we want with no weight gain, no guilt, no skin issues...

AND access to our notes for the training... 

Learn How To Stop Fearing And Stressing About Food And Breakaway From Food Rules Whilst Being Healthy

We Guide You To Start Manifesting A Better Relationship With Food And Your Body.

This is for the girls who want to be healthy, happy but don't want to obsessive over it. 

As obsessing about what foods you are eating or not eating does NOT help you lose weight, heal faster, get clearer skin quickly in the long term. We will teach you what does!

We help women stop obsessing about their bodies and thinking they aren’t enough, by rediscovering their worth and reclaiming their power through mindful eating and intentional movement so that they can live up to their true potential to go after their dreams. 

We do what we do because we know what it feels like to struggle, hate yourself, feel alone and like you’re broken. We don’t want others to feel alone.
Michelle and Lori
Disclaimer:This workshop is not designed to diagnose or treat those suffering from clinically-diagnosed eating disorders. The information enclosed in this course is for educational purposes only and Lori and Michelle, purelytwins, take no responsibility for the choices that you make with your nutrition. By enrolling in this, you acknowledge that you alone are responsible and if you have questions, you understand that you can and should consult to your physician. 
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