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Go from feeling scared, lost, full of anxiety, frantic around food to...

 knowing and trusting yourself and what you are eating...

you feel free and happy with food.

You can get there and we are here to show you how...

 but you need to be honest with yourself...

How many different diets, cleanses, eliminations diets, programs, magic fixes have you tried?

We too used to think another diet, program or some magic pill was going to fix us...

But it didn't.

Actually being so obsessive with our diet lead us to more health and skin problems.

We are so grateful now that we can help you overcome your food fears and obsessions to finally BE free and to eat normally again that works for you.

Because it is possible for you!

The longer you neglect a negative relationship with food it will prolong the situation. 

Trust us! 

We neglected and afraid to admit we had an unhealthy relationship with food.

It manifested into 5 years of adult acne, 10 years of constipation, 3 years of eczema, 10 years of lost and low energy...and not happy!

We don't want you to get to the low points like we did.

But if you are already feeling already low, have hope that this is your answer.

Don't waste any more time and energy worrying over food.

Don't let things get worse when you have the power NOW to change directions. 

You are meant to live an abundant healthy happy life. 

Let's get you there now.

You weren't born to fear food. 

Pictures above our us 10 years ago when our food relationship started to go really bad. But we didn't address it, nor did we actually think we had a problem until years later.

This is when we started the long and hard journey of being obsessive with our food and creating so many food fears in our life...

which then created a host of more health and emotional problems for us.

We are here to tell your it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

You don't have to fear food. 

Learn the exclusive teachings that changed our life forever. 

It's easy too! 

Hi, our names are Lori and Michelle , and we personally felt like we tried EVERYTHING!!

So we understand what you are fearing and thinking right now. We've been in your exact shoes before!

We did ever diet out there. 

When we read about the NEW superfood or supplement that would FIX us, we jumped on it. 

We tried several different cleanses, detoxes and programs...leaving us more frustrated and confused on what to eat...

Looking back, we can't even remember all that we did as we jumped from diet to diet so much. 

It was even a joke in our family, "What diet are you girls on now? What are you eating or not eating?"

And we found ourselves asking...

Will this really work this time...
Will this be the ONE that fixes us...
Will we be able to stick with it past 3 days...
Will it be worth it...

Have you ever been there?

We are here to ask you...

If all we did was help you have more energy and clarity throughout your day, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you end the daily stress over what time you are eating or what you are eating, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you not fear going out to eat or to parties, but actually get your social life back, would it be worth it?

What if we helped you stop fearing food and start feeling comfortable in your body again, would it be worth it?

What if we helped you stop the overwhelm and confusion around what to eat and not fear it will hurt your health, would it be worth it?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then NOW is the time to take action.

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We have one more question for you...

If not now, then WHEN?

When will it be your turn to love your body and not fear food?

When will it be your turn to have more energy and feel good in your body again?

When will it be your turn to stop struggling and start living your life?

We say right NOW is your turn.

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Don't let the food/dieting industry keep making you feel bad or not enough or like something is wrong with you...

making you buy another diet or supplement and not get any results.

We struggled for over 10 years with food.

In these videos we shared the best of the best mindset shifts we had made to have food freedom.

Food itself is not the reason to why you are not seeing results you want.

You need to look beyond food and start evaluating your mindset and feelings towards it. 

This is where change is at...

We go deep into mindset around food in these videos to create lasting positive change you desire.

These are proven techniques. As we have healed and hundreds of our clients have too!

Now it's your turn beautiful.

If you've ever felt that frustration with ending the fear of gaining weight with what you ate, obsessing over food to have food freedom to eat, to have the ability to eat what you want without having skin or health issues, then we can relate to you perfectly. 

Just like you, we struggled with ending fearing and obsessing over what we ate to have food freedom - until we found the secret.

We figured out how to create a healthy moderation approach to eating that shocked us and...

 we figured how to eat foods we feared for years with no problems. 

We are able to enjoy a gluten, sugary filled donut whenever, 4 squares of a chocolate bar for dessert every night, and eat carbs past 7pm with no guilt and no extra weight gain. And with no health or skin issues!

Pay us only $247 $97 for this life changing content...
and we guarantee that you'll MORE than feel at peace with what to eat, less confused, enjoy eating again with no dieting or restrictions in a few days . . . 

and from that point forward, for the rest of your life, you'll have a skill that will serve you forever. 

And if you're skeptical . . . then don't worry. 

If after 14 days and doing the journal work and watching both videos you didn't have any improvements, we will refund your money.

Does that seem fair? 

Just to let you know everyone who has seen the videos and done the worksheet got results within days!

We've been eating this way for years with each year looking and feeling better and better.

So if you want to feel more confident in yourself and around food, then we have two 90-minute trainings for YOU . . .

 to help you effortlessly enjoy food again with no stress or anxiety with our life changing strategies to end dieting and being at war with food.

So, now it's your turn to decide.

Say yes, and let us prove that our way of approaching FOOD works to...

 feel more confident in your body
end the stress around food
stop obsessing over everything you eat
and enjoy eating again with no dieting or restrictions in a few days 

You've got nothing to lose by giving this a try.

If there's even a chance that this could completely change your life . . 

isn't it worth checking it out?

We promise it will be worth it.

We help women stop obsessing about their bodies and thinking they aren’t enough, by rediscovering their worth and reclaiming their power through mindful eating and intentional movement so that they can live up to their true potential to go after their dreams. 

We do what we do because we know what it feels like to struggle, hate yourself, feel alone and like you’re broken. We don’t want others to feel alone.
Michelle and Lori
Disclaimer:This workshop is not designed to diagnose or treat those suffering from clinically-diagnosed eating disorders. The information enclosed in this course is for educational purposes only and Lori and Michelle, purelytwins, take no responsibility for the choices that you make with your nutrition. By enrolling in this, you acknowledge that you alone are responsible and if you have questions, you understand that you can and should consult to your physician. 
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