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Ready to open yourself up to making more money and Attracting more money in your life To feel More Secure And Free?
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We are here to tell you it is your birth right to be wealthy, abundant and healthy. 

We are all made here to thrive, not just survive. 

Are you ready to take the first step to making and receiving  more money?

Are you ready to end the struggle with having not enough money? 

Money wasn't always easy for us to make or to have. 

We get the money struggles... 
We get the anxiety and stress you feel around paying bills or buying something nice...
We get the frustration you feel when others just seem to be living the life you want...

You don't understand why you just can't seem to have more money in your life.

Well, we are here to CHANGE THAT story for you. 
We are here to help you start attracting more money right now. 

It all just starts with a DECISION.

To be rich ... you must decide to do so... 

and then do some things in your everyday life to BE rich.

In this money bundle we share the most POWERFUL things you need do every day to attract more money into your lives.

It's time for you to become a money magnet.

You can start immediately... 

You get instant access to 9 coaching calls where we go in depth in what exactly you need to be doing, saying and believing.

Or you can DECIDE to just stay the same and continue to experience your money struggles. 

What's your choice?

Learn the key things to attract more money or struggle with making ends meet? ? 
We Are here to help women end the stress and fear of not having enough money to pay bills.

Tired of getting to the end of the  month and only have a few dollars left in your bank account?

Tired of working so hard and the money is STILL not coming in?

Would you like to how and understand money better so it can flow to you with ease? 

How would it feel to know you have enough money in the bank account for all your needs and desires?

How would it feel not to be anxious or feel stressed around money or fear paying bills?

We all deserve to be wealthy and financially free. 
For years, we personally have experienced having fear and anxiety around money...

will we have enough money this month to pay our bills...
we can't afford that...
it's too expensive...
will we ever catch a break with money...
being rich must be for other people not girls like us...

We were girls who were so clueless about money. 
Never really talked about it. 
Felt so insecure and shameful around money.
Felt uncomfortable just talking about money. 
Sometimes felt so icky spending money.
We didn't feel we were really worthy of it subconsciously. 
Pretty much we had NO RELATIONSHIP at all with MONEY. 

Until we opened our minds to learning MORE about it as we got to the point where we were so SICK AND TIRED of feeling so stressed out about money.

Can you relate?

We invested into courses and books that changed our lives.

Now we are girls who feel FREE and have peace of mind around money.

We are at a place where we always have money flowing to us. ALL. THE. TIME.
It is the most freeing feeling ever!!

Peace of mind. 
No stress. 
No more struggle with money.

Just like you, we struggled with Making More Money - 
until we found the secret.

Switching our mindset, our words, our thoughts, and beliefs when it came to making more money and receiving it. Plus changing our environment and learning from others that have done it.

Changed it all for us.

When we did the things we talk about in our money making mindset videos bundle we were able to:

Double our income.
Make the most money while being on vacation.
Lori manifested a new job for Gary down in Florida (making more money). 
Manifested an extra $50,000 check.
Finding money on the ground everyday. 
Plus some other random things like a new oven for free.

That's why we felt obligated to share what we know and put together this bundle of lessons we learned about making more money through reading You are a Badass at Making Money plus other insights from other money mindset teachers.

So you can too make MORE MONEY in your life.
This money making mindset bundle  will be the start of your money making journey.
The thing is, what you believe about money is what you are experiencing in life.

Good news though...

Once you are conscious of your money beliefs, you can change your behavior to start attracting more money today.

The crazy and honestly the scary thing for us and so many women we have talked to is that so many of us are scared and fearful of money, and don't feel worthy of receiving more money. 

It's time to change that...

Because what we know for sure is that we are all born worthy.

This is why we are offering this...

We have to let more women know they too can and receive more money through feeling good about money, about themselves and feeling worthy. 

If you are ready to up level yourself and take this leap with us to become wildly wealthy to create a new ending to this year join us. 

If you desire to feel more free and alive in YOUR life with no stress or guilt around money, then this is for you.

These exclusive videos have only been seen by our private clients.

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Let's do this!

Lori and Michelle 

This is an online course. Nothing is being mailed to you. 
You can access it from any device.

If you desire...

- to not feel bad for buying something for yourself
- to feel like you can shop at places like Wholefoods and not feel bad for spending the money
- to not feel tight around money
- to feel more comfortable talking and receiving money
- to be able to give more and still know you have enough money in your account
- to not have any more fear around bill time
- to welcome unexpected money into your life
This bundle is for you.

Why we are offering this now...

- To help make the conversation around money more fun and at ease
- To help women see they can have more money if they allow it and believe it
- To women receive so they can create a beautiful life 
- To  help women experience the holiday season with more fun and less stress not just around food but with buying giving gifts 
- to help you have the best holiday season and start the new year feeling more calm and balanced
- We want you to have a phenomenal holiday season where you have the money to spend on what you want 
You get these money making mindset videos 
>>> For ONLY $37 <<<

We wanted to make it a no brainer. We didn’t want money to be a reason for you not investing. 

We all desire more money, let’s just be real. 

And we live in a world that runs off money…

We all desire more...

Whether that is to pay off a loan, start saving for a house, buy new clothes, finally see that doctor we need or simple hire help. 

We all have different desires and money is here to serve us.

Let’s drop the ickiness and shame around money and start being grateful for it. 

Start using it to create our best life…

This world was built for us all to reach our fullest expression of ourselves. 

Life can be good and that is great. 

But it could also be more!!

Do you desire to travel more? 
Start a biz?
Start a charity?

It all takes money. 

Getting the doctor help you need, takes money. 

Are you ready to start making and receiving more money to live your most authentic life? 

We can't guarantee any big results, because you are in control of that.

We are here to open the conversation around money.
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