WARNING: Not your average fitness program!
Get a body you love while loving the one you have now.
No more shame and guilt around exercise, food or your body.
Are you our next
Fit Soul Boss Sister?
Fitness for
Boss Babes

We are here to help women become the BOSS of their bodies, minds and lives with being consistent with their fitness and spiritual practice without the obsessions and guilt.
This is your online body and soul gym to help you step fully into your power 
in a body you feel more confident in to create the life you want

Short HIIT workouts infused
with personal development to 
become the fit soul boss of your
body and life...
because transformation, success
and happiness are all an
inside job.
A modern, spiritual online fitness sisterhood for heart-led ambitious babes wanting to create more abundance in their lives with less stress.
Hi we are Michelle and Lori, your trainers.
We were girls who overexercised for years. We had low-self esteem, lacked confidence, struggled with the fear of gaining weight, didn’t feel beautiful, struggled with binge eating and obsessed with eating perfectly healthy causing so many battles in our health and skin and emotional health to overcome.

Then we discovered a new way of moving our bodies and the big secret - our mindset. THEN everything changed for us. 

We got our motivation back. We gained new inner and outer strength. Our workouts give us the confidence that we know we will get through whatever life stressors we experience.  We are more resilient.  How we move now makes us feel better, which is needed for manifesting your dream life.

For the past few years we have been working out under 30 minutes a day and got better results in our physique than ever before.  

Now we are here to help you do the same.

The place where fitness meets
 personal development in a 
Fun Sustainable Way!
Are you ready to...

>> become more consistent with your fitness and self-care practice 
with more ease and grace and less stress and overwhelm?
>> increase your confidence and energy?
>> create a positive self-image?
>> become more resilient and take back your power?
>> break away from being perfect and enjoy life more?
>> end dieting for good?
>> say goodbye to long boring cardio that doesn't change your body?
>> feel more comfortable in your body?

Imagine what is possible if you didn't have to spend all your time and energy stressing over what to eat or what workout to do to burn fat; and instead focusing on creating a life you love ?

Imagine having fun taking care of you and loving every minute of it with less stress, guilt and self-doubt?

How would you feel knowing you don't have to work out for hours to get you results?

How would you feel if you didn't have to diet again?

How would that change your life? Your health? Your relationships? If you were fully present?

How would it feel to have total BODY CONFIDENCE?

Strengthen your body. 
Strengthen your faith muscles. 
To become resilent in life.

Workouts that will challenge your physically and mentally.

If you crave short intense workouts. 

This sisterhood is for you.

If you want to deepen your connection with yourself but not into yoga much. 

This sisterhood is for you.

If you are tired of the gym life or feel like you have no time for the gym. 

This sisterhood is for you.

We personally love our interval workouts because it helps us...
feel our best…

feel more like us.

 we have learned that you cannot do intense workouts everyday...

because despite that HIIT workouts got us to our leanest...

our health and mental health suffered big time. 

What do we recommend for you to get the best results with burning fat and building more lean muscle without messing up hormones and metabolism? 


You need to do a mix of HIIT, weights (strength training) and some low intensity workouts to keep transforming your body.

But... that's not all you need to do.

Here's a little secret that we want to share with you. 

You need to also change your MINDSET.

If your mind isn't on board getting the results you want will take longer and be a lot harder than it needs to be.

Inside Purely Fit Life we take everything that we have learned to get the body and life we love, without killing ourselves in our workouts and no more dieting into a fun attainable workout program so you can get amazing results that last!

Say goodbye to the days of getting frustrated with  
no matter how much cardio you do, 
you just can’t seem to lose anymore weight or gain muscle?

It’s because doing steady-state cardio is the fastest way for your body to hit a plateau and slow your metabolism down to a crawl plus cause inflammation.

Your body needs variety. Your body needs rest. Your body needs challenge.

We do all that here and more!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Sisters have said:
You'll learn our signature practice
Our Fit Soul

To elevate yourself, to raise your vibe, tone your body, feel better, build lean muscle without getting bulky, increase self-belief, love yourself and feel beautiful inside out.
Through our Fit Soul Movement practice some unexpected
 outcomes you will experience:
Gain unshakeable confidence.
Where you trust yourself completely, feel more authentic in your body and know without a doubt that you can live the way you want (one that you are worthy of having).
Gain more clarity.
Where you end self-doubt and bust through obstacles to feel more on purpose and gain more peace of mind. You'll feel more resilient in life. You'll understand and enjoy the ebb and flows of life. 
Boost creativity.
Where you look forward to your workouts as you know amazing ideas will flow through you. Plus you'll have the energy and excitement to do what you want. ction Headline
Get more aligned.
Feel more connected.
Have more energy.
Improve self-esteem.
Burn fat.
Sculpt your body.
Create more peace of mind.
Become stronger emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
Better results all round.
Become your most empowered self.

The next NEW wave in fitness
 STARTS now.

We were girls who turned to food and exercise
because we...
  • thought we were broken, needed fixing so we abused our bodies through overexercising, binge eating and dieting.
  • didn't feel comfortable in own skin (we based our worthiness on what we looked like).
  • didn't know who we were or want we really wanted in life. 
  • didn't feel like they were living our life's purpose.
  • struggled with constant negative self-talk and feelings of guilt.
  •  struggled with confidence and perfectionism and lost motivation and passion.
Now we are girls who...
  • thought they were broken, needed fixing...thinking dieting and exercising was the answer. 
  • didn't feel comfortable in their own skin. Based their worthiness on what we looked like.
  • didn't know who they were or want they wanted. 
  • didn't feel like they were living their life purpose.
  • abused their bodies through overexercising, binge eating and dieting. 
  •  struggled with confidence and perfectionism and lost motivation and passion
Become your most FIT empowered self.
Are you our next 
Fit Soul boss sister?
The decision is now.

Do it for you. Do it NOW!
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