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Realness Ahead... 

Lori and Michelle’s SECRETS to getting lean and toned without hurting their health or feeling restricted.

Please take a minute to read this page... 

As we are going to reveal the top 3 secrets we learned to finally getting the body we wanted…lean, fit, and healthy... without restrictive eating or long hours of cardio!

The secrets the fitness and health industry don’t want you to know!

No more gimmicks.

Unlock real consistency, self-love and...

Breakthrough the big reason WHY you haven't been able to get 
the body, health and happiness you want...

If you’re struggling with being consistent,
 if you’re tired of doing it alone and
if you’ve wanted this for so long and want to stop the struggle, 

we want you to know…


Join the revolutionary new approach to fitness that helps you ACHIEVE BETTER results by doing less and loving yourself to a fitter, happier you.

And to be honest and transparent...
We didn't always restrict or fear our food, work out for hours trying to get skinny, have acne and imbalance hormones...

there were many years of us...
 …jumping to diet to diet trying to fix us...

…eating perfectly healthy only to binge eat on cookies and ice cream feeling completely horrible afterwards…

…going to the gym and working out for hours to burn off what we ate (we feared gaining weight) ...

…spending hours on google trying to find that THING to heal us and to discover what is wrong with us because why can’t we seem to get better but others can…

All of that had something to do with why we used to look like this…

Yep, this was us 8 years ago depressed, unhappy, bloated, constipated, feeling ugly and fat!
But BECAUSE of the 3 Secrets we're about to share with you, 

we’ve come along way since then…

- a long way from wishing we could look lean, fit and beautiful like the women we saw on magazines and social media...

- a long way from  avoiding spending time with our friends because we freaked out over what would we eat and we missed  making memories because of it... 

-a long way from feeling uncomfortable in our skin and not liking the girls we saw in the mirror leaving us feeling unlovable and not enough...

- a long way from feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired where our energy, health and happiness weren't improving leaving us feeling us feeling further behind in life... 

- a long way from jumping from diet trend to diet trend where we feared food so much we were confused on what to really be eating...

- a long way from working out for hours because we feared gaining weight and struggled with actually changing our bodies and feeling confident...

Does any of this sound familiar to you, too?

Have you ever felt any of those feelings before? 

If you said yes, we want to ask you a question... 
Why haven't you reached your goal yet?

This can’t be the first time you’ve tried to get fit and healthy or lose fat and look more toned, right?
In fact, if you were like us when we’re searching for an answer…

…then you’ve probably stumbled across dozen of diets/cleanses and workouts and programs while playing on social media.

When is it going to be your turn for your breakthrough to LOOK, FEEL and BE who you want to be in a body you love feeling happy and fulfilled without all the rules and restrictions ?

We say that TODAY RIGHT NOW,
it’s YOUR turn.
So why are we sharing with you all of this? 

You might be thinking… “I’ve seen a million of these fitness programs about losing weight, burning fat and fitness challenges AND they all just seem to be the same…”

You also might be wondering… “What makes what we have to for you different, right? 

The answer is simple … 

Most fat loss programs are made by people who haven’t experienced the struggle of wanting to gain lean muscle mass but also have a deep fear of gaining weight and looking bulky...

But after we figured out how to be fit, lean and healthy OURSELVES …

We’ve cracked the code and have 3 SECRETS to getting lean and healthy and maintaining it year after year with ease … 

(But before we reveal the 3 secrets, let us tell you why this all makes sense …)

and YES … the pictures below are our real life transformation to getting to the other side… 

First... Lori's journey

10 years ago, that was me on the top line. 

Struggled with getting ...
 rid of my acne, toned body, periods back and my confidence...

Trying all types of diets, cleanses and supplements to help "fix" me...

Nothing worked long-term...

I finally got my super lean body but...

My acne was getting worse and found out I had PCOS...

Took clomid to get pregnant and it worked...

Stayed healthy and fit during first pregnancy with ease... but 

Suffered from Diastasis Recti postpartum...

Healed that than got pregnant again...

Was able to again stay fit and healthy during second pregnancy but worked out smarter ...

Had only small ab gap after baby #2... was able to heal it again...

And have continued to keep my core strong, flat and maintaining a healthy, toned body that I love and feel good in year after year.

Now... Michelle's journey

10 years ago, that was me on the top line. 

Like Lori, I struggled with skin and hormones, as well has had body dysmorphia and didn't feel comfortable in my own skin...

I tried all the THINGS to help "fix" me...

Nothing really worked... I felt hopeless...

I finally got to my lean, fit body but ...

I still wasn't happy with my skin, health and overall still very unhappy...

Finally I cleared my acne and periods came back to being normal... 

But I got hit with one of the hardest things every eczema for 3 years... 

And each year it only got worse and spreading over my body...

I was losing hope... again as I was doing all the things that was "healthy" but why wasn't I getting better?!?

But I figured how out to heal my eczema AND get my health and happiness back...

And have continued to maintain a healthy, toned body that I love and feel more comfortable in my own skin everyday.

Through OUR OWN journey of creating a lean, fit body… 

to maintaining our ideal body weight that is healthy for us and staying fit for over 
8 years without the treadmill

AND not to mention actually making our bodies, skin and health get better with age… 

… AND healed our skin and health issues for good within 3 months… 

To helping thousands of girl and mom bosses achieve the same goals … 

There is NO ONE who cares more about YOUR SUCCESS and HAPPINESS than us. We’ve walked in your shoes, cried many nights and felt hopeless too many times to count…

… And just so you don’t think this is some kind of joke or that we are super weird, please let us tell you more about ourselves ;) 

Our names are Lori and Michelle…
We are twin sisters and grew up the youngest of 4 girls in south Florida. 
And just 4 years ago, we were just like you in one way or another…

So girl you are NOT alone (even at times it feels like it, trust us we felt the same even as twins)!!!

We wanted to feel free around food where we didn’t fear what we ate…

We wanted to stop restricting our eats to binge later...

We wanted our health to be better so we would have more energy to actually LIVE life the way we wanted to …

We wanted to not be struggling anymore

We wanted our breakthrough with our bodies, skin and health…

We wanted to love who we saw in the mirror

We wanted to FEEL comfortable and confident in ourselves and bodies...

But thinking of all of this just seemed so HARD to do on our own and not truly possible for girls LIKE US …

We just didn’t know where to begin …

Just start we thought … BUT with what and how

We knew that we needed to form a healthier relationship with food but we didn’t know how to stop fearing foods and what to eat

We knew that more exercise and more food restrictions wasn’t necessarily the best answer as we did that for years and didn’t work for us… 

But we didn’t know how to make things easier…

We had so many questions like… 

Can we combine fruits with fats?

Can we eat past 7pm?

Are carbs good our bad?

How many meals should we eat? 3 big ones or 6-7 small ones? 

Should we do vegan or paleo? What about fasting?

Eat high fat? Because fats are healthy now, right??

No nuts or chocolate as that is bad for acne? 

We were so CONFUSED every time we went to the internet… what do we do?!?

Have you ever felt so confused on what to do to get healthy with your nutrition? 

The only thing we did know was that we were constantly craving foods we knew we shouldn’t eat… 

BUT it wasn’t just the FOOD that we felt LOST with…

We struggled with exercise and how to get fit without getting bulky too

We remember walking into the gym feeling so out of place and uneasy

We stuck to the cardio machines because the weights just scared us

Today we get it, there are SOOO many different options out there on exercising…

We had our questions too like:

Long hours of cardio or HIIT?  What about walking?

What about weights to burn fat? Lift heavy or light weights?

Should we eat or not eat before our workouts? 

How much cardio do we need to be doing to stay lean?

What exercises are the best ones to get a toned body?

How many calories do we need to burn and how much to be eating?

It was hard to figure it all out and what to trust.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to what to do for your workouts?

But the HARDEST part of all…
Was trying to find people who were on a similar path that would support us…

People we could connect with

Finding a tribe that gets us was challenging...

So, we know what it’s like.

We’ve been there…
So please stay with us on this page… 

and we’re going to help you with ALL of these things that we’ve both been through… 

It’s time for SECRET #1 … 

You can eat what you want and still create the body you desire. 
We’ve heard lies and believed them all these years from the health and diet industry.

… that you need to eat 1200 calories or less

… that you fats are bad for you

… that you shouldn’t eat carbs past 3pm 


What is important is are you eating right for you

Are you getting the right nutrients in your body…

Are you eating foods that you actually enjoy to make it long-term…

Is what you are eating satisfying ...

Are you creating a balanced, moderation approach, not deprivation...

Are you eating with more enjoyment and less stress when it comes to meals..

Because the body sees STRESS as stress so if you are stressing over eating an apple or eating a bag of chips…

The body sees both as bad and will hurt you instead of fuel you…

Are you understanding this? 
It makes sense right?  

… you need to give up your favorite foods to get the body you want...

WHAT?!? HOLD UP?!? We can't eat chocolate! That is our favorite thing EVER! 

… and we don’t know about you but if we can’t eat chocolate, then we don’t want to be healthy! 😉  LOL


The truth is …

You just need to learn HOW to eat in a way that works for you and your problems are solved!

You can eat WHAT FOOD you and your body likes… 

You need to find your mindful approach to create a balanced lifestyle...

This is where MODERATION is key! 

You are the ONLY person in control of how you feel and approach food. Don't let others make you feel bad.

(Coming from two girls who feared so many foods for years this was a big deal for us to finally find a way that works for us including chocolate and even donuts)

… That carbs are BAD and they can make you fat

You’ve heard this right ?!

… During one part of our journey to getting lean we tried eating low carb and avoiding so many of our favorite foods… we were MISERABLE

… We would just restrict and then found ourselves binge eating all weekend.

… We were still having irregular hormones and bad acne

… And we were moody and our bodies STILL WEREN’T changing. 


There’s more to carbs. All carbs aren’t bad. They serve a purpose. 

Your bodies need some complex carbs (the good ones) to have your body function properly.

So don’t let others make you feel like you shouldn’t have carbs as there’s more to the story.

No one single food will make you fat. Overeating does that. 

You believing that a certain food will make you fat will make you fat.

When you find the right balance with carbs, a mindful way of eating that works for you, and you have strong beliefs in what you are doing is working --->  it’s MAGIC.

You will start to see your body burn fat and love life more at the same time!

… eat more vegan or paleo to get fit and healthy?

... need to go gluten-free? sugar-free?

You’ve probably heard this right ?!

The diet and health industry can be so confusing and overwhelming...

We get it. We felt like that too.

We even got to the point in our journey that we become obsessed with eating perfectly healthy and suffered from ORTHOREXIA.  We were obsessing over the purity of the food we ate all day long.

We had thoughts...  “ We are just trying to be healthy, what is wrong with that? We just want to feel better, look better, get that flawless skin and long lasting energy!” 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to eat healthier. 

The problem comes when it becomes too restrictive or so obsessive it takes over your life, your thoughts.

Like it did for us! 

We remember freaking out about – is the food organic? where did it come from? wonder how many toxins are in it? how much salt is in it? etc.


Is doesn't have to be that way with food. 

Food should bring us together, not tear us apart.

Food should be a celebration not a time to be so stressed out about it that it ruins your results.
The simple exercise secret (and crucial) to fat loss and building muscle mass that so many women aren't doing is 


Please hear us out before you RUN AWAY 

During our journey we FEARED getting BULKY … we didn't like lifting weights because we kinda feel silly or confident in using them
Have you ever  feared getting bulky or silly when lifting weights?

The first time we ever went to lift weights … 
… we walked off the treadmill and over to the free weights… because we were too scared to use all that complicated and overwhelming machines… 

… Plus we didn’t want to “look” like all those men and “body building” women we saw in there …

… We would debate while starring at the free weights area... what exactly are we going to do here?!?

We thought to ourselves how are we EVER going to enjoy this or do this. We were scared. We were nervous.

We were so comfortable with cardio and the treadmill… 

…We knew weights were good for building muscle but deep down we were terrified of really using them… 

… But then we realized, we’ve been doing excessive cardio for years and our bodies never changed! 

And for the FIRST TIME, we started seeing our muscles TONE UP more than ever before…

So using more weights is ACTUALLY was going to be what would give us that toned fit body.

Lifting weights didn’t make us bulky!

It's the key to not only look “fit” but will you MAINTAIN your tone fit look year after year while staying the same size … plus you’ll gain more confidence! 

It’s your key to shrinking and fitting into your clothes better
… That lifting weights is for men because it will make us “bulky”

… That they are hard to use and for men to use or you could get man arms.


Lifting weights will tone your body and you will look like a completely different person!

Not only that, but when you use more weights it is going to turn your body into a fat burning machine all day long and up to 36 hours after!

… Which is so different than being on a treadmill that only burns calories for 3 hours after you are done… 

This means that as you use weights and start to tone up to build muscle your body burns calories ALL day while you sit and binge watch on your favorite Netflix show

Isn’t that freaking awesome?!

We receive messages everyday saying … 

“Lori and Michelle I don’t understand why my body isn’t changing?!? I workout for hours everyday. Please help!”

We tell you this now because we used to do just that… that was us.

 We hope to save you years of frustration. We understand what it is like...

Realize cardio doesn’t change your physique like using weights can!

If you want better results you NEED to start lifting weights and say goodbye to so much cardio.

You don't need to workout more. You just need to workout smarter.

Not only be lifting weights...

 but you also need to be doing more HIIT training.

We are believers in lifting weights and doing HIIT training.

You get the best of both worlds.

HIITS are proven for getting effective dose of training for minimum time.

Because here at Intentionally Built we want to be the easiest and more fun way the modern women today take care of themselves and how they do fitness.


It all can be fun, fast and effective!
HIIT training combined with weights is a recipe for RESULTS ...

 with burning fat and building more lean muscle without messing up hormones...

 and metabolism in the shortest amount of time.

Plus doing more short and effective workouts you GAIN MORE TIME back in your life to ...

start your business that you've been putting off
... start a family
... travel more
... go back to school for more education ...
or simply just relax more!

Pictures below:
On the left side this is us in the old mindset the cardio was the answer ... and we still struggled with nutrition. On the right is about 4 years later ...  we no longer run and only do HIIT strength training workouts and have formed a healthier relationship with food where we no longer restrict or binge eat. 
Your mind, habits, behaviors and environment have been setting you up to fail from day one.
Please hear us out before you stop reading.


That if you buy a gym membership then you’ll all of a sudden be motivated to go to the gym! 


Why is it that millions of people have a membership but never go! Because it's a lie.

The diet and fitness gurus, diet programs, fad diets, gym memberships and YOUR SCALE have also played a part in your failure to succeed. 

It’s not your fault entirely.

You current reality is based upon past behaviors and beliefs.

You’ve been told your entire life lies about getting your dream body. 

We remember when we got our lean bodies we thought would be so happy BUT something happened...

Where was all this love? Success? Happiness? Freedom? Love?
We were frustrated. Confused.

We were doing all this hard work with our fitness and our nutrition... so why didn't we feel happy, successful or loved?

We were doing more weights and HIIT workouts...

So, yes our physiques changed but ...

Our health and happiness weren't!

Something was STILL missing.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you also thought when you lost all this weight, got more toned, got better looking and clearer skin that all of a sudden you would feel happy, loved and successful.


It doesn't work that way.

This is a BIG LIE that the diet and healthy industry thrive off ...

... making you feel broken and that you have to do all these crazy things to get fit and healthy...

and if you don't your a failure.
They are they problem… NOT YOU!!

And for years the diet industry has been telling you lies...

And over time you start to form certain food fears … 

... thinking doing this will make you fat or that you have to workout for least a good hour or it doesn’t count

They create the expectations and if you don’t reach them you feel like a failure and start this whole process over…

They aren’t helping you create a lifestyle. 


You can get your mind to believe anything you want it to… 

AND if your mind isn’t on board it doesn’t how much calorie counting or restricting you do, it won’t work long-term

You can tell yourself that you are good with creating a balanced approach to your nutrition that meets your needs and likes.. 

You can tell yourself that you can eat out and have fun without gaining weight, even if you have 2 glasses of wine…

You can tell yourself that you are reaching your goals. 


You can keep telling yourself all the LIES that the diet industry wants you to be believing!?


… that if you join this “challenge” or bootcamp that you will reach your goal weight…

Sure, that sounds really awesome - but what happens AFTER the challenge…?

What happens to the support and the community feel to keep your momentum going?

… how do you stay motivated, encouraged and EXCITED to keep going? 

Do you go right back old habits that weren’t helping you reach your goals in the first place? 


You need a tribe… a sisterhood that supports you like a family.

You ALSO need a place that helps you transform your mind for success, health and abundance…

Because that is where TRUE LONG-LASTING transformation happens. 

You need daily inspiration to help keep you encouraged in this LIFESTYLE….

Are you getting this?! 

You need a sisterhood that stays with you for LIFE

You need a place that encourages self-growth and discovery to get results

Quick Question... 
So everything you just learned has been awesome right?

Has it opened your mind and changed the way you think about reaching your goals?

Now you know the TRUTH that ...

1.  You can eat your favorite foods and still be able to get fit and healthy.  You need find your balanced way of eating that fits your needs and keeps you feeling satisfied so you can maintain it for life with ease and enjoyment.

2. Lifting weights and doing HIIT workouts are the FASTEST WAY to CHANGE your body and help you get fit and healthy.

3. The diet industry has told you lies to make you feel broken and that your mind is the key to LASTING success.

The Question Is ... 
Do you want our help to help you TAKE ACTION on all of this and make it easy and FUN in your life to start getting results RIGHT NOW?

If “yes”, we have something for you …

No more fitness programs that don’t get to the underlying issues that are keeping you feeling stuck and fat… or making you believe you need to do all these extremes to get to a body you love ...


A tried and true blueprint for your success with fitness and your overall wellbeing...

That you will be able to follow and implement for LIFE.
You also get INSTANT access to …

>> All Manifest Your Body videos
>> Intentionally Built Foundational videos 
>> All previous private workout challenges like our #fitnmoney and our highly popular RISE project and much more
>> Video tutorials for each workout along with your full length workout video (where you are working out along side us in the comfort of your own home)
>> Monthly Book Club chats
>> Bonus stretching videos
>> Bonus fitness tips and more...

Say goodbye to boring meal plans, extremes or restrictive diets! 


What Is “Intentionally Built (IB)” ? 
It is a sisterhood of Fit Soul Bosses! 

 A Fit Soul Boss is committed to bettering herself and her life and living with more intentions to create your dream life.

 She lets go of the thoughts and feelings of not feeling worthy and as a IB sister she steps into the version of her that’s always been there. 

 She goes after your best body and life while putting aside all her doubts, fears, and excuses and starts to believe in herself that she CAN DO IT.

 She finally says YES to her happiness and well-being. Yes to food balance. Yes to body peace. Yes to loving herself while she gets results in the MOST sustainable, effective and healthy way.

 She understands the importance of the mind-body-soul connection and loves to challenge herself to new self-growth to be her best self: physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Every WOMAN has “a Fit Soul Boss” inside of them. 
It’s TIME for you to UNLEASH yours!
The world needs you. 

Intentionally Built was created because of our desire to bring like-minded 
women together to support their growth both physically and 
mentally and spiritual self-love journey. 

It helps you LIVE your life with intention and purpose.
What if you could be a part of a revolutionary movement much bigger than just yourself? 

A safe place where you could BE PURELY YOU, and work on becoming a BETTER version of YOU …

A sisterhood where you can come for advice…

Where you can ask for help…

Where you can share your fears and doubts and your biggest dreams without judgement…

Where you could get so much inspiration and live inspired…

Intentionally Built isn't just some random workout you see off YouTube and meal plan on the internet…

It’s a sisterhood of ambitious fit soul bosses of inspired, heart-centered women on the planet.
Your body and life's transformation is awaiting you. 
Intentionally Built is ready to welcome you.

You on here on this page on purpose. 

But the opportunity that is presently in front of you takes ACTION.

So you have a decision to make...

So What Makes Being A “Fit Soul Boss Inside Intentionally Built” Different?

Have you done a restrictive diet plan before?

Have you done few free workout videos off YouTube (maybe even some of ours)?

Have you done a free self-love or 21-day challenge before?

What happened after the diet plan was over?

What happened after you did the free workout?

What happened when the challenge was over?

Did you go back doing the same old things you previously did?

Did you go back to thinking the same old things about yourself and your body?

Did you regain the weight, binge eat all week or lose all motivation?

Not with Intentionally Built.
Unless you just looking for another quick fix to lose pounds or get lean to gain it all back again or not change at all…

It is NOW the time that you create an enjoyable lifestyle that is sustainable.

This is how we have been able to maintain our dream body, keep our skin clear, feel better (and look better) every year, and improve our relationship with food over the past 8 years.

And to actually start creating the life we’ve always wanted!

The KEY to this is to create a healthy and realistic lifestyle with love and intention.

It may not be popular to say but you deserve to know the TRUTH!

You also get access to the Intentionally Built Complete Transformation System
This is a unique system to help you get lean muscle tone, get flatter stomach, feel better in your body and feel stronger in the most effective way

It’s structured yet completely flexibly system to help you meet you where you are currently to keep you progressing forward. 

And it will kickstart your way to a REAL LIFESTYLE change.

Our proven IB transformation system has helped us and countless women and moms transform their physical fitness and get into a healthy new mindset...

... so NOW it’s time for YOU to do the same.

No other online fitness program out there will give you this level of guidance to true success. 

If you’ve been struggling to stay fit and healthy until now, we guarantee that the IB transformation system will help you finally get the strong, sexy of your dreams within just a few months. 

Join the sisterhood and start your Intentionally Built journey now.

What is the Intentionally Built (IB) of fit soul bosses movement? And how can it help you? 

Do you look in the mirror each day and wish you felt more confident about your body and felt more comfortable in your own skin, but just don’t know how to get started? 

How often have you gotten so excited to start a new fitness program, only to find yourself giving up weeks later when you’re not seeing the results you want

When you think about all the things you have to do, does being consistent with a fitness routine feel impossible?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that any more!

We know you have a busy life and sticking with a fitness program might seem difficult… but we promise you, it is possible

All you need is the right training system. It’s all about doing what works!

A system that uses your time efficiently where you train in a way that fits into your busy schedule to enhance your life.

A system that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself and stop enjoying life and fitness like so many mainstream fitness programs do. One where you actually enjoy working out, and don’t have to drag yourself to the gym.

So, let us introduce you to Intentionally Built to start your 

So how do we create an enjoyable sustainable “lifestyle”?
STOP believing the lies about food, exercise and your health.

STOP following boring meal plans that aren't satisfying you…

STOP basing your happiness and success of the number on your scale… 

The old way of doing things is OVER…

It’s time for you to create a mindful living approach along with the right beliefs that support your actions to get results

It's time for you to REDO how you do FITNESS...

We spent years trying to create a sustainable lifestyle that allowed us to maintain our dream bodies while eating chocolate every day.


So, we are going to teach you everything we know so you can do the same… 
So no matter where you’re at right now ...  
… or what you have tried before

… whether you’re wanting to feel stronger in your body
or maintain your fit body

... or to start being more intentional with creating a body and life you dream of while improving your mindset

… or you’re trying to be more consistent with taking care of YOU

… or anywhere in between

… Intentionally Built is the New Blueprint you need 
to go from where you are now to where you want to be!

It's designed to help you take action.  Consistent action!

Well action = results.

There is no way getting around it. 

You need to be consistent, have the right mindset 
and the right community to keep you going.

Your Intentionally Built Lifestyle Experience Includes:
  •  WHAT YOU GET.... 
  •  Real Time Workout Videos - the best FAT-BURNING full body workouts that can be done in the comfort of your HOME
  •  New workouts each month to keep you excited, motivated and challenging the body new in ways. A flexible schedule were you can pick and choose and move workouts around to fit better into your schedule.
  •  Simple workout gear - dumbbells, workout mat, jump rope, chair, resistance bands
  •  Access to variety of workouts so you don't get bored and challenge to the body differently to continue to strengthen the body
  •  Video of how to do each workout, so not just a PDF with pics but actually video going over every move so you are ready to go for the workout session
  •  Printable PDFs for each workout, making it fun and easy for you see the workout
  •  Audio of positive affirmations to re-wire your brain
  •  Videos of the spiritual work we suggest doing after your workouts
  •  How do to our Fit Soul Movement Self-Care Practice aka our manifesting secret process
  •  Private Facebook group with active members + belong to the most powerful group of inspired women on the planet, Intentionally Built Sisterhood. Share success, get help, ask questions, get inspiration and LIVE the Fit Soul Boss Lifestyle along with your new Fit Soul Boss sisters. 
  •  Bonus LIVE coaching calls from us - with more inspiration to keep you going 
  •  Personal check ins from us where we share what we are up to and going through because when you are here you are family
  •  Book Club
  •  Access to our Intentional Built Foundational videos to set you up for SUCCESS
  •  Food chats to help you improve your relationship with food
  •  Mindset chats to help you build a strong mind and create new beliefs that support your dreams
  •  Easy to follow workout plans that change up frequently to keep you from getting bored
  •  Access to all previous recorded real time workout videos (which we have over 100 different ones)
  •  Access to what we personal eat and how we approach counting macros to now eat more mindfully without tracking
  •  How we manifest things into our life + our manifesting process using fitness
  •  Music we suggest listening to and why
  •  How to reprogram your subconscious mind while working out
  •  Access to our Manifest A Body You Love trainings
  •  And so much more! 

** And NEW to Intentionally Built

Learn and DO our signature Fit Soul Movement Practice that helps increase our vibrations to manifest faster using fitness

From Secret #3 you learned that the your mind controls your outer world.

Through our own journey we realized we were telling ourselves that we were girls who would always suffer, have bad skin, irregular periods, no one wants to be our friends, BIG success isn't for us, want more muscle mass but afraid of getting bulky so we were telling our bodies to never get lean!

So what happened ?!? 

We realized that we were telling our minds all these negative things... 

Which then started to create our reality filled with things we didn't want because we were focusing on the wrong things!

When we hit our rock bottoms with our health and happiness we 
decided to do things differently...


We picked up affirmations and self-growth books over diet books...


We started seeing our bodies, skin and health improve.

We even felt happier, more alive, more energetic about life and feeling more fulfilled with a sense of purpose.

We started learning more about the power of our minds and how what we tell ourselves and BELIEVE is what is being manifested on the outside.

That's a big reason why we incorporate mindset routines in Intentionally Built ...

Because it didn't matter...

How little calories we ate...

Only eating 7 foods...

Working out for hours a day...

Drinking 60oz of green smoothies a day...

We didn't have long lasting results. 

Everything was SHORT LIVED.

Making us even more frustrated and angry...

Because we thought we were doing all the things we needed to be doing to get results but nothing was changing!

Do you resonate with any of that?

You are here for LONG lasting results... not short term.

You want to feel, look and have your dream body and life now. 

And you can.

Once you stop listening to all the lies out there and start forming your 
new beliefs and teach your mind to think differently.

It's actually simple and fun. We can't wait to show you how!
Now, since we know you’re here for a reason…

and there are no coincidences in life…

We have a very special offer for you… 

From a coach , ALL of this would cost you THOUSANDS…

But we want you to START TODAY and SUCCEED
So it’s not going to be that much…

Plus you can cancel at anytime. No contracts or hidden fees. 
  Monthly workout schedules

  4 NEW workouts a month

  Full-length real time workout videos

  Printable PDFs for each workout

   Core and mobility routines

   Macro and carb cycling videos to help you learn your body

   How to create your mindful eating lifestyle video

   More exclusive nutritional topic videos

   How to change your beliefs and fears around food to benefit you

  Audio of positive affirmations

  How to reprogram your mind for success

  Power of your mind and words to create your dream body

  Journal prompts,  visualization practices, gratitude and the power of affirming

   More exclusive mindset videos

   Member only accountability group

   Weekly emails from us to keep you up-to-date on workouts, inspired, excited and support.

   Priority response from us

   LIVE coaching calls and personal check-ins from US

   Positive environment to keep you uplifted and inspired

>> BONUSES << 
   Member only special discounts on our other programs and your own Fit Soul Boss fitness gear
   Different monthly focuses + mantras to help you in different areas of your life and to keep it new and exciting. We give you the life changing mindset tips (from affirmations, journal prompts, visualization prompts) to make it easy for you to keep going and get your breakthroughs
   Access to our monthly BOOK CLUB where we read together empowering and self-growth books to keep our minds filled with positive information to keep moving forward in life
   Access to our signature Fit Soul Movement practice. AKA our secret to manifesting. This simple self-care routine changed it all for us and we know it will do the same for you. And it only takes 30 minutes or less! Plus it puts you in a really good mood... which is perfect for manifesting! Just sayin :)
Fit Soul Movement 

Elevate yourself, raise your vibe, tone your full body, feel better, build lean muscle to burn fat all day, increase self-belief and be more resilient in LIFE... and this will help you START MANIFESTING your dream life one workout at a time!
And it gets even better...

When you sign up now you'll get access to archived content from workout schedules, challenges, what we personal eat, private coaching calls! 

The moment you enter the private portal you'll have ACCESS to the entire Manifest Your Body Challenge video archives where we shared the NECESSARY things you need to know and to do before you exercise or go on another diet ... if you want to improve and change your current body and reality.  

And it gets even better...

You also get immediate access to our top HIIT workout program - HIIT to FIT 4 week online bootcamp - to transform your body and mind in under 20 minutes a day!

Real time workout videos, printable PDFs, carb cycling guide, eating disorder tips, healthy living tips, what we eat and so much more!

TODAY JOIN $14.97/month

Transform your body on your terms for only about $.50 cents a day! That is way less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Things that cost you more than your Intentionally Built Membership:
 LESS than a monthly membership at a CrossFit box. Many don't come with additional online support. 
 LESS than one class at Barre3. This is just ONE class it can cost anywhere from $15 - $23.
 LESS than one Yoga class. Some yoga classes can cost $20 an hour! 
 LESS than one kombucha or green juice in a day. Where they can start at $3 and go up.

 24/7 access to the videos and workouts
  New videos coming to members area frequently with new self-growth tips and insights to help you on your journey

Intentionally Built is more than just getting a 
fit healthy toned body and loving yourself more.

It's going to change your life and those around you by helping you ...

  Feel more sexy and more confident around your husband or going on that date

  Have more energy to play with your kids and be able to stay more calm in those moments in the past where you would have screamed and felt guilty for what you said to your kids

  Feel more solid and strong in who you are that you no longer compare or judge others

  To start attracting more good experiences into your life like finding more money, traveling more or getting unexpected opportunities that change your life

  Have this inner drive for more and start going after what you truly want, and most of all you'll believe that you can achieve it

  Show up with more power and more energy that you radiant a vibration that everyone around you is attracted too

  Show up your best self to make the world a better place

  Create a deeper connection with yourself and with people around you

  Become more successful in everything you do because you'll have more energy, clarity, more self-confidence and better ideas

HIIT full body strength workouts meets 
personal development in a 
Fun Sustainable Way!

This is your online body and soul gym to help you step fully into your power 
in a body you feel more confident in to create the life you want

Short HIIT + strength training workouts infused with personal development to become the fit soul boss of your body and life... 

Because transformation, success and happiness are all an inside job.

Intentionally Built is different! It’s about training the body you have now to get the body you want, not the body the media tells you you should have. 

It’s about making a long-term change in your mindset, so you can live the life you dream of and deserve. One that is healthy, vibrant, wealthy, and positive for years to come. 

When we first started our fitness journey, we were working out for the wrong reasons and a low points in our lives. We realized we didn’t want to train for a ‘perfect bikini body’ - we wanted to transform our mental and physical health, and to start intentionally creating the life we could feel proud of. 

As we learned more about fitness, health and mindset, we mixed the best aspects of each approach together to create our own training system. 

Intentionally Built system breaks free of putting you in a box. There are no boxes or restrictions here.

All we thoughts about when designing this program and our workouts was which exercises and routines will help you make a positive change in your body and life!

We want you to BE EXCITED again for moving your body and taking care of yourself.  

We want you so excited that you’ll want to continue on training with our Intentionally Built System - Fit Soul Movement practice - for years to come. 

When you put in the hard work, you will get the results you deserve

But this time you will actually LIKE the whole process where it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ instead it is just what you do now to feel your optimal best inside and out.

We’ve seen over and over again how our Intentionally Built System can change women lives, help them have their breakthrough, transform their bodies and finally stay consistent and motivated. 

Hi we are Michelle and Lori, your trainers.
We were girls who overexercised for years. We had low-self esteem, lacked confidence, struggled with the fear of gaining weight, didn’t feel beautiful, struggled with binge eating and obsessed with eating perfectly healthy causing so many battles in our health and skin and emotional health to overcome.

Then we discovered a new way of moving our bodies and the big secret - our mindset. THEN everything changed for us. 

We got our motivation back. We gained new inner and outer strength. Our workouts now give us the confidence to get through whatever life stressors we experience.  We are more resilient.  How we move now makes us feel better, which is needed for manifesting your dream life.

For the past few years we have been working out under 30 minutes a day and achieve better results in our physique than ever before.  

Now we are here to help you do the same.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Sisters have said:

 VALUE OF over $1, 997 
  Real Time Workout Videos - the best FAT-BURNING full body workouts that can be done in the comfort of your HOME
  New workouts each month to keep you excited, motivated and challenging the body new in ways. A flexible schedule were you can pick and choose and move workouts around to fit better into your schedule.
  Simple workout gear - dumbbells, workout mat, jump rope, chair, resistance bands
  Access to variety of workouts so you don't get bored and challenge to the body differently to continue to strengthen the body
  Video of how to do each workout, so not just a PDF with pics but actually video going over every move so you are ready to go for the workout session
  Printable PDFs for each workout, making it fun and easy for you see the workout
  Audio of positive affirmations to re-wire your brain
  Videos of the spiritual work we suggest doing after your workouts
  How do to our Fit Soul Movement Self-Care Practice 
  Private Facebook group with active members + belong to the most powerful group of inspired women on the planet, Intentionally Built Sisterhood. Share success, get help, ask questions, get inspiration and LIVE the Fit Soul Boss Lifestyle along with your new Fit Soul Boss sisters. 
  Bonus LIVE coaching calls from us - with more inspiration to keep you going 
   Personal check ins from us where we share what we are up to and going through
   Book Club
   Access to our Intentional Built Foundational videos to set you up for SUCCESS
   Food chats to help you improve your relationship with food
   Mindset chats to help you build a strong mind and create new beliefs that support your dreams
   Easy to follow workout plans that change up frequently to keep you from getting bored
   Access to all previous recorded real time workout videos (which we have over 100 different ones)
   Access to what we personal eat and how we approach counting macros to now eat more mindfully without tracking
   How we manifest things into our life + our manifesting process using fitness
   Music we suggest listening to and why
   How to reprogram your subconscious mind while working out
   Access to our Manifest A Body You Love trainings

Now we put all our best stuff and workouts into one platform making it super easy for you to get the same results of helping you reach your dream body and life.

You've got nothing to lose as you can cancel anytime. No contracts. 

If you're thinking, "whoa, Lori and Michelle, this is so generous and bold of you!" 

Take our guarantee as proof of how much we believe IB will be the thing that finally works for you, leaving you with a body you love and the life you dream of and deserve. 

So... what are you waiting for, girl?

Sneak Peak of inside the private members area and what you get access to the second you join

The next NEW wave in fitness
 STARTS now.

Why the Intentionally Built - Fit Soul Movement Practice works. 


... we take away your guessing by providing you with the best practices to get the best results

… we give you the best way to lose fat by giving you simple nutrition tips, killer fat-burning strength and cardio workouts, and most importantly the mindset you need to succeed. Which most programs DON’T GIVE YOU!

Sure, you can lose fat by “dieting” but that’s not sustainable or really that fun, right? 

Sure, you can lose fat by running on a treadmill for an hour every day … but not as much as you think… because what happens is that your body is smart. It will get used to that type of activity and stop responding to it in the same way. And who really wants to do that anyway, right?

The powerful secret to burn fat, gain more strength, tone up and improve your overall life is to MIX UP your workouts and constantly challenge yourself. Plus, that’s way more fun! 

Our program includes a variety of workouts, designed to hit your body differently each workout, with a mix of HIIT/Cardio and Strength all in one workout to keep improving your fitness and physique

Plus, you get powerful mindset tools to keep you head strong to get through those tough times in life, keep you resilient, focused and re-energized. Our workouts our designed to help you feel good inside and out every day.

Plus, with so many workouts and exercises, you’ll never get bored!

Unique Features

Maybe you've already tried some other fitness and lifestyle coaching programs, but here's why the Intentionally Built System is like nothing you've seen before...

In-depth Video Coaching

You get access to current coaching calls plus access to past calls where we go over key things to keep you motivated to stick with the program and answer your questions.

We keep things fun and simple so you keep with it.

 mindset trainings

You get access to our best mindset and manifesting tools and how we approach in our every day lives to create the life we dream of so you can do the same too.

No other fitness program does this. We believe movement is a great manifesting tool that no one is using until now.
Unique Full length Workout Routines

This program includes completely unique workout routines VIDEOS where you are literally working out with us. Plus, you won’t have seen these style workouts in any other program, plus you get demo videos for all of them and printable PDF.
Easy Access

Private online members portal where you have the workouts at your fingertips on any device, even when you’re offline. You can see at a glance which workouts you have to do each week and then easily click through  the monthly workout schedule to rearrange any workouts to fit your schedule better.
Here’s how it compares…
Other programs

 Give you a limited number of workouts, and expect you to play them on repeat.

Intentionally Built

 Gives you instant access to more than 100 workouts, AND not just highlight video BUT a FULL LENGTH workout video. More workouts are added every month, busting through boredom and keeping your body guessing and challenged to give you better results.
 Are difficult and long workouts and schedules to keep up with in your busy life, with most being 60 or 90 minute workouts. 
 Filled with workouts that are no more than 30 minutes, with most of them averaging 16 minutes so easy to fit into your busy life. 
 Leave it up to you to figure out your schedule and which workout to do when

 Provides you with monthly workout schedules that tell you want to do to to keep it simple and less stressful for you on what to do

 Require expensive equipment, big studio space or gym membership for access to complicated equipment

  Provides workouts you can do at home and anywhere 
   Ensures all you need is your body and access to the internet. And while we do encourage some simple equipment to add intensity to the workouts, it’s not at all necessary - you can use your body and still get a great workout in. 

 Give you unsustainable, commanding long sessions, ridiculous amounts of reps and complicated sessions. 

  Provides variations and options of modifications for each workout, so you can customize for your fitness level. And Lori provides Diastasis Recti alternatives to some of the moves to keep protecting your core.  
   Keeps the workouts short, effective using your entire body to burn fat and build muscle. 
   Designed to help you start where you are now to give you challenge to propel you forward, no matter what your current level or of your are mom (like Lori)  

 Give you unrealistic, restrictive and BORING food plans that don't allow you to enjoy life to the fullest or leaving you feeling guilty if you "fall off" course. 

  Provides you with key food concepts to get you started on learning your body better to create FOOD FREEDOM for life where you can enjoy your favorite foods.
  Teach you the mindset needed to feel more alive, have more energy where can live life and know that you will be okay and there's no falling off the course. It's just you having a healthy relationship with food.
   Designed to help you start with starting over with food and creating your own rules to feel good and feeling satisfied. 
We look at the bigger - what you’re REALLY getting
with Intentionally Built... is 

Strength inside and out.
Now let's chat for a minute... because we know you are done with feeling stuck, feeling like your breakthrough will never happen, done with unrealistic and unsustainable fitness plans and diets.

We know right now, you are dealing with a really TOUGH inner mean girl, who right now is filling your mind with thoughts of...

"You're not worth it!"...
"This will never work for you."...
"Who are you to invest into something like this."...

Lies. All lies.

We know how intense and REAL those thoughts can feel.

But they are the exact thoughts keeping you where you are.

We wish we could give you a hug through this screen and tell you...

  You are worthy.
  You are important.
  You do matter.
  You are worth investing into.
  You can do this. You are capable.
  You deserve to feel confident.
  You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your body and food.
  You deserve to have more energy to keep up with your kids and live life like you want to in body you feel really comfortable in.
  You deserve to have more, do more and LIVE MORE.

The first step is the hardest. 

We make it super easy from there for you because just like you we had to take that first step too with so much fear inside of us.

We ask you right now to put aside those doubts, fears and excuses and step into the version of yourself who CAN. 

It's time to make a different CHOICE. 

Choose to do nothing ...

But if you do nothing, then nothing will change... right? 

Or you can choose to say YES! 

What do you want your future to look like?

Because what you are saying and doing right now is CREATING your future. 

START your Intentionally Built Program today.

What are you waiting for? 

You could start a fitness journey today which will take you to places you could never have imagined. Your life and body will transform. You'll have more energy and focus in every area of your life. You'll be physically and mentally healthier, now and for years to come. You'll look strong, sexy and powerful, and you'll radiate confidence.

There's no risk and no commitment. Try it today - and we promise you'll never look back.

We were girls who turned to food and exercise because we...
  • thought we were broken, needed fixing so we abused our bodies through overexercising, binge eating and dieting.
  • didn't feel comfortable in own skin (we based our worthiness on what we looked like).
  • didn't know who we were or want we really wanted in life. 
  • didn't feel like they were living our life's purpose.
  • struggled with constant negative self-talk and feelings of guilt.
  •  struggled with confidence and perfectionism and lost motivation and passion.
Now we are girls who...
  • feel more alive and on purpose than ever before.
  • use fitness to empower us, strengthen us inside and out and most of all use it as part of our manifesting process
  •  have more energy and clarity on what we want and don't want in life
  • feel FREE
  • love ourselves and continue to strive to make ourselves better to keep expanding ourselves and the Universe

You’re Probably Thinking…
 You’re probably thinking “I hope this isn’t another one of those plans that is hard to follow…? Right?
We believe in having a plan but a plan with flexibility and structure. A perfect balance between variety and ease. Most plans are complicated, not this one!
 You’re probably thinking “ Will it really work for me…” Right?
Yes, because it has worked for us. It has helped thousands and we are all no different than you. If you believe it will work then it WILL WORK for you,. It works 100%, especially when you step up and take action. Do what we suggest you do and be consistent. Results will happen.
 You’re probably thinking … “Can I really eat whatever I want and reach my goals…” Right? 
Yes! You just need to learn your body again and what you truly like to make it a sustainable lifestyle of eating healthier with the “fun” mixed in. We believe this also plays a part with your mind because if you believe what you are eating and how you are eating is helping you reach your goals… it will. We also share tools to help you feel more FREE around food through macro counting and carb cycling, which are 2 things we did to get to complete FOOD FREEDOM. You can too, we promise it’s so worth it. 
You are worth it.
 You’re probably thinking “ but I’ve tried a million things before - why will this work for me?” Right? 
The honest truth is, this is WHY you need Intentionally Built. Because we help you realize how powerful you are right now… with your mind. You have the power right now to be successful or not. We teach you everything you need to create your success inside Intentionally Built, which MOST OTHER programs don't do. They miss some key steps in creating your results, not here! And that’s why we put mindset trainings in our fitness program… to help you have the mindset of a FIT HEALTHY person… because that is truly who you are. We have a kickoff series for you when you join that guides you on the path you need to be successful and more with our program and beyond. 
 You’re probably thinking “ this won't work for me because I have ZERO time." Right?
This is where some tough love comes in, because we care for your success so much.  You need to let go of using time as an excuse. If you make your health and your happiness a priority, you will find a way to make our program work for you. It just takes 30 minutes are less each day. And just think about how it will change your life in a positive way, isn't taking 30 minutes a day to better yourself and  your life worth it? 
 You’re probably thinking “ is there a catch??” Right? 
NO catch. You have to put in the work to get results. That’s is why you are here… you are ready for this! This isn’t like any other online fitness program out there. We teach you the fundamentals you need that lasts for a lifetime!
 You’re probably thinking “ I have food sensitivities and a lot of food fears, will this work ??” Right? 
Yes. Because we give you guidelines and simple things to do to help you create more food freedom in your life. We too felt like we were sensitive to EVERYTHING and developed so many food fears over the years but through our experience we've figured out how to break those feelings and fears. You can too! We have a lot of nutrition help already inside the members area you can dive into once you join and we continue to share food tips to create food freedom every month!

 Are you sure I’m not signing up for something with a contract or “cancellation free”?
100% sure. You can cancel membership anytime with zero charges or fees.
 How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership?
All you have to do is send us an email to and we will help take care of it. 
 Do I need a gym membership?
NOPE! Our workouts are designed to be done at home or anywhere. 
 Do I have to follow your monthly workout schedules??
NO, we have a flexible structure here inside IB. We give you the plan but we give you permission to adjust when needed.  The workout schedule allows you to just click to each workout so you can get started in seconds.
 Why would I pay for IB when I can find workouts for free online?
This is the only way to get real time full length workout videos with us. Some of our workouts that are free and many other fitness people give you a short clip making you to rewind and repeat several times to get the full picture. Also there is no supportive sisterhood behind you either, making holding yourself accountability difficult. 

The other thing IB gives you that many online fitness people don't is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan for you. You don't have to waste your time scrolling on what workout to do, with the chance of you being distracted by the latest viral video that you end up watching and therefore not doing your workout. 

Finally, when you pay for something you do treat it differently. You show up more. You're more committed and motivated. 
 Do I have to buy a bunch of supplements or weird ingredients? 
No. We don’t take many supplements and no crazy ingredients unless you feel called to them but we will never force you to buy anything.
 Can I use your workout program even if I run or do other fitness activities?
Of course, we feel our workouts are a great supplement to runners. Actually, back when we ran half and full marathons some of our best races where when we did less running and more of our HIIT strength training workouts. If you do our workouts and other activities all we suggest is that you make sure you eating enough calories to sustain it all.
  I don’t need to lose a bunch of weight, I just would like to tone up more. Is your plan right for me?
YES! Intentionally Built is perfect for you. That’s was our goal as well. It is perfect for those women wanting to firm up and gain more strength in their bodies, or for those just want to live a healthy fit lifestyle. 
 Do you have meal plans for me to follow or strict rules?
Heck no. We are all about making your own rules. All we do is have guidelines for you to follow and make adjustments to meet your needs, wants and desires. Meal plans are so 90's right? And they are boring right? Where you are excited during the first week but time second week comes around you are losing steam to keep up with it because it doesn't represent your personally likes, dislikes, needs and wants.  We are constantly sharing simple food tips and  strategies to help you form your moderation approach to eating.
 I’m gluten free, will this work for me?
Yes, we have a lot of gluten-free recipes on our blog which we eat a lot ourselves. We don’t have to eat gluten-free but we do enjoy it. So we can help you there!
 Do I have to keep up with macro counting or carb cycling? 
It is not necessary. We did those things and highly suggest using them to help you learn your body better to create a more mindful approach to eating where you don’t have “track”. That is how we did it and help our clients do the same. We feel they can be good starting points but not everyone has to do it and they can still get results. It’s all what you can get your mind behind and do it 100%!
 What if I have a health condition or severe eating disorder?
We recommend that you seek professional help in those areas and consult with your doctor prior to joining this membership. 
 My goals might be different than someone else, how do I know your program will work for me?
Great thing with our program we highly suggest you focus on you and only you. It’s okay and normal for us to all have different goals. Together we can help each other and inspire one another. Our program gives you the foundation to get you were you want to go. It’s about staying consistent on the program, having fun and enjoying the process.
 What if I am pregnant or just had a baby, or have Diastasis Recti (ab separation), is this safe for me?
It will be safe for you after your pregnancy and go through our postpartum program, then yes it would be a nice program to do to keep consistent. And for my moms who have Diastasis Recti you can use this program (Like Lori does) after you have healed your ab separation. We suggest you check out our pregnancy program HERE and our postpartum program HERE to get you started there. But once you are ready we will be so excited to have you. 

If all we did was help you avoid NEGATIVE self talk saying you aren't worthy to be successful, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you STOP the restrict/binge eat patterns and END fearing foods, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you AVOID WASTING your time researching and trying to figure out what to do, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you avoid feeling LOST when it came to how to stay in shape at home, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you FIND A TRIBE of like-minded sisters that understand and support you, would it be worth it?

If all we did was help you become MORE AWARE in your life to start changing your reality and start creating the life you desire, would it be worth it?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, 
NOW is the time...
And in case you were wondering...

There is NO catch! There are NO hidden "fees".

We know there are some fitness programs out there that promise x, y and z but don't deliver.  This isn't one of them.

Oh! and in case you're wondering why we're doing this?

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. We've been where you are and understand the frustrations and want to save you a lot of time and pain if possible.

2. Because unlike other "fitness experts" out there, we TRULY care about your success. 

3. We just know you are going to love Intentionally Built program and how is transforms your mind, body and life like nothing else. 

4. And honestly, we are sick of others putting together programs that don't bring forward the true underlying issues of why you binge eat, why you never seem to stick to a workout program, why you can never seem to have all the success you want. 

If you don't address those issues, you can buy 100s of programs and get the same results or give up half way through. Not here. We are all about making sure you are focusing on the most important pieces so you can get the body you want and enjoy life again.
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Lori and Michelle, the Purely Twins

P.S. In case you're one of those people (we sometimes do it too) who just skip to the end of the message, here's the deal:

We were girls who struggled with health and skin problems, and hating our bodies. We struggled with getting a more lean, toned body because all we did was cardio.

We were able to get our fit, toned body and over the years were able to heal our skin and health problems for good. And we've been able to maintain our healthy fit bodies for over 8 years and that's never stepping a foot into a gym or doing long hours of cardio anymore.

Now we put all our best stuff and workouts into one platform making it super easy for you to get the same results of helping you reach your dream body and life.

You've got nothing to lose as you can cancel anytime. No contracts. 

If you're thinking, "whoa, Lori and Michelle, this is so generous and bold of you!" 

Take our guarantee as proof of how much we believe IB will be the thing that finally works for you, leaving you with a body you love and the life you dream of and deserve. 

So... what are you waiting for, girl?

It's only $14.97/a month to be a member. 

So, click the button below to start YOUR NEW FIT SOUL BOSS LIFESTYLE inside Intentionally Built immediately.
Are you our next 
Fit Soul boss sister?
The decision is now.

Do it for you. Do it NOW!

Do you want to start creating your dream life in a body you feel really good in?
Copyright 2018 Purely Twins, LLC. All rights reserved.