30 minutes a day could change your entire life.

Strengthen and tone your body alongside your mindset to feel beautiful from the inside
 out to manifest your best life through fitness. 

“Don’t let your workouts go to waste” 

Burn fat, get lean and enjoy life while gaining peace of mind and ending the hours of cardio.

Say goodbye to hour long boring workouts using complicated equipment and cardio for hours life...

Say goodbye to not doing your inner work...

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and doing all the "work" but not seeing results...

(Hint: You don't have to work out for hours to get results. You don't have to journal or meditate for hours to get results. In fact LESS is BETTER.)

We are to save you a lot of time and frustration as we share with you the proven secret to getting that 
lean, toned and healthy body and keeping it... while still enjoying your life.

Lori and Michelle introduce...

Fit Soul Movement

At home fitness and personal development APP to help you become a fat-burning machine, feeling good to live your best life and STOP the frustrations of doing all the things and seeing no results.

A monthly membership where we teach how to do less, 
be more intentional with your workouts and manifest your dreams.

Are you unhappy with your body and life now? 

Well, if you're unhappy, you'd want to change that, right?

Are you ready to finally get results?

Would you be willing to do the work if you knew it only took 30 minutes a day?

We hear from women all the time...

how they tired of struggling with being consistent with working out...

how they can't seem to find the time or motivation to work out...

how they read all the self-help, personal development, manifesting like books but catch themselves consuming and not taking action because they don't know what to be focusing on...

 they know they should be journaling, visualizing, & meditating 
but haven't really seen results so they think,
 "why bother this is just my life I guess..."

NO! You deserve to have all that you desire...including a strong fit body!

We are here to change these old stories in a fun sustainable way with our proven framework.

Just imagine how it would feel to....

- Know exactly what to do each day to keep you focused, consistent and taking action.

- Have a clear, guided program every two months to help you stay inspired, motivated and effectively helping you to grow more into the person you were born to be.

- Know that you are doing the work that is transformational and you actually enjoy doing it.

- Be able to bust through fear, crush self-doubt, increase self-belief, activate your faith, breakthrough mindset blocks, and connect with your soul through intentional movement to keep you from feeling stuck.

- Establish a stronger relationship with yourself where you see how powerful you really are, that you are worthy and co-creating with God and the Universe. 

Note - We are not here to change your religious beliefs, but your beliefs about your self and your body to see that you are enough and beautiful now. We're here to make that connection stronger.

Hi fit soul boss! 

We are Michelle and Lori, your fitness mindset personal development coaches.

We see you! Because we used to be like you...


For us we didn't start seeing results that we wanted...

lean fit healthy bodies, happy fulfilling life...

until we created our signature
 fit soul movement practice.

This changed our lives, bodies and health.
We went from...

- hating our bodies to loving our bodies

- binge eaters to normal eaters

- cardio junkies to short HIIT lovers

- acne and eczema to clear skin

-feeling ugly to feeling beautiful

- self-doubt and no focus to clarity and confidence

- no lean muscle to our bodies to having lean muscle without being bulky 

- depressed and unhappy to feeling fulfilled and happy

We are here to help you to do the same!

We are here to get you unstuck and breakthrough to a new reality where exercise comes easily, feeling good with miracles in your life are the norm, food is easy, & you have a more positive success mindset.
We know you have tried all the things but haven't found anything you can stick too...

and nothing that gives you real, lasting results. 

What if you just need a different approach?

A proven framework that uses the power of the mind and helps you BE the person you need to be to get success.

This is why we created Fit Soul Movement (FSM).

Not only do you get our exact personal body and mind routines ... you do it with us!

This practice isn’t just about building a body you desire; it’s about building a better, stronger  and more loving relationship with yourself and being more intentional with creating your extraordinary life that you deserve.

When you become a fit soul boss sister today, 
you, your workouts, & your life will never be the same.

So FSM will help you intentionally create a fit toned body as you manifest a body
 and life you love with more ease and less stress.

 You need to do BOTH the practical and spiritual practices to get results.

That is what our FSM APP does...we make it super easy for you.
Try it now with our FREE 7-day trial. Cancel anytime.

Fit soul bosses is a tribe of business owners, entrepreneurs, girl bosses, mom bosses, stay at home moms, leaders, coaches, students…

heart led health conscious women that want to look & feel their best & live a happy fulfilling life.

You know it starts with you.

You know you are made for more and want to increase you self-belief, inner strength and faith so you can manifest a new reality that allows you to 
do less to have more. 

This is for the woman who:

- Wants a toned, healthy, fit , strong body that they feel comfortable in while enjoying life too

-Deep down you want more out of life and want to feel more fulfilled and like you have a purpose

- On a journey of self-discovery and growth but wants easy routines to keep you consistent with a community to support you

- Wants to go to the next level of yourself and life but don't know where to start or what exactly to do

- Wants to take care of your mind & body but struggle with being consistent and tired of starting & stopping your fitness and/or mindset/inner work

- Wants to make it a habit of using manifesting regularly to co-create your life and to raise your vibe

- Enjoys doing HIIT/strength workouts at home and is open to mindset, manifesting, and self-help

But you put others FIRST leaving you NO time or energy to take care of yourself.

We made this for you.

>> Just imagine << 
 no longer hiding because you have a new level of confidence of who you are so 
show up in life in a more bolder way
 ask that guy out or have more confidence to be around your husband naked
 no longer in debt and buying your first home
 changing careers and finally doing what you want to be doing 
  traveling more and when you come home you no longer feel the need to go on diet or cleanse

Who you will be and how your life will be in 30 days from now, even 60 days from now being consistent with our proven framework...maybe you are...

Reshape your body and mind in 30 minutes a day with our fit soul movement practice to BEcome the most successful unstoppable beautiful women you know. 
We help you intentionally create your life with more love and ease.

 Rewire your mind for success and greatness by planting uplifting affirmations in your mind.

 Love and nourish your body from the inside out because you get results on hating your body.

 Intentionally manifest the body and life you love because you are here to do big things.

 Do it on your own terms where you never have to leave your house.

Learn our signature routine where we combine hybrid HIIT strength mobility interval workouts with powerful mindset routines to rewire your subconscious mind.

The routines are convenient, fun and effective to help you become your best self 
that fit today's lifestyle.

Try it now with our FREE 7-day trial. Cancel anytime.
I love your quick and intense workouts and your more realistic views on health and fitness - Eliza Kelly

We keep things simple, REAL and sustainable.

Try it now with our FREE 7-day trial. Cancel anytime.
Your Fit Soul Boss Movement Lifestyle Experience Includes:
And coming soon an APP (no extra cost to you)

Once joining the sisterhood you get immediate access to the online private members area.


Coming SOON is an APP to have right there on your phone for even more easy access to the Fit Soul Movement routines and workouts.
You can cancel at anytime. No contracts or hidden fees. 


The framework that will change your life...

you get to do it all with us in our full length routines!

So we are there with you for every push-up, every squat, every visualization...

We keep it real. We are not perfect. You will us stumble, see us challenging ourselves in moves.

No makeup and camera crew. Just every day girls working out together.

Your fitness mindset coaches right there on your phone in your home!

Fit Soul Movement 
Intention. Movement. Soul Work.

To elevate yourself, raise your vibe, 
tone your full body, feel better, build lean muscle to burn fat all day, increase self-belief and be more resilient in LIFE... 

Not only will this change your body but it will help you to start loving yourself and START MANIFESTING your dream life 
one fit soul movement practice at a time!

And that's just the signature framework. You'll also get...

>> Your membership gets even better << 
Every 2 months you get: 
   New workouts to prevent you from getting bored and give you a variety of ways to tone your body because our workouts are a hybrid style of HIIT combined with resistance training, mobility and deep core work.
   New workout calendar so you know exactly what workout to do 
   Printable PDFs so you can have a hard copy of the workout 
    24/7 access to the videos and workouts

Bonuses that are also included: 
   New affirmation meditations to keep you rewiring subconscious mind because that takes a lot of repetition - you get new ones every 2 months.
   New mindset morning audios and journal routines to start your day focusing on what you need so you aren't wasting your time- you get new ones every 2 months.
   New core stretching routines with positive affirmations to end your day feeling grateful, happy and successful - you get new ones every 2 months.
   New nighttime audio meditations to get you in the right state of mind as you fall asleep because what you do before bed is critical when manifesting - you get new ones every 2 months.
   Member only special discounts on our other programs and your own 
Fit Soul Boss fitness gear
   Every 2 months you get a workbook with new focuses to help you in different areas of your life and to keep it new and exciting. We give you the life changing mindset tips (from affirmations, journal prompts, visualization prompts, essential oil blends & more) to make it easy for you to keep going and get your breakthroughs
   Access to our BOOK CLUB where we read together empowering and self-growth books to keep our minds filled with positive information to keep moving forward in life and we film videos discussing the book and insights we learned so you can apply them as well to your life

You also get access to our VALUT

When you sign up now you'll get access to the VALUT that includes past workout challenges, macro counting and carb cycling tips, body love videos, private coaching calls and more! 

The moment you enter the private portal you'll have ACCESS to the entire Manifest Your Body Challenge video archives where we shared the NECESSARY things you need to know and to do before you exercise or go on another diet ... if you want to improve and change your current body and reality.  

And it gets even better...

You also get immediate access to our top HIIT workout program - HIIT to FIT 4 week online bootcamp - to transform your body and mind in under 20 minutes a day!

Real time workout videos, printable PDFs, carb cycling guide, eating disorder tips, healthy living tips, what we eat and so much more!

Things that cost you more than your FSM Membership:
 LESS than a monthly membership at a CrossFit box. Many don't come with additional online support. 
 LESS than one class at Barre3. This is just ONE class it can cost anywhere from $15 - $23.
 LESS than one Yoga class. Some yoga classes can cost $20 an hour! 
 LESS than one kombucha or green juice in a day. Where they can start at $3 and go up.

More than 10 years ago, we were obsessed with cardio and the gym to get the body we wanted because we believed if we were thin and lean our life would be so AWESOME. 

But that wasn’t the case. 

Even with us doing so much cardio there was no change in our physical appearance … 

leaving us questioning everything? what the heck is happening here? 

We do an hour of cardio every day why isn’t our body changing? 

We tried so many things to get the body and health we wanted. 

We restricted our eats, binge ate, feared carbs and sugar, feared gaining weight and getting bulky but desperately wanted to look lean and healthy… 

leading us to struggle for years with messed up hormones where we went 3 years with out it and dealt with adult acne for years.

Then one day we discovered HIIT training that we could do at home. This changed everything for us.

We noticed ourselves enjoying moving our bodies again and this new level of motivation came through us. But something was still missing… we still weren’t completely HAPPY and didn’t have the good health and skin we desired. 

Again, we questioned what the heck?

We got the bodies we wanted but why aren’t we still happy and living this amazing life? 

Until this pivotal moment happened for us…. we discovered the power of the mind.

At the start of our journey we always choose our workouts over taking care of our minds. We wanted to do the inner work but caught ourselves making up excuses and continued to never have what we really wanted in life. 

We realized we needed to be more consistent with taking care of our mind to really change. Because you can’t really change your outer world until you change your inner world.

So we started to get better at doing all this manifesting and personal development work that we saw everyone else doing.

But no matter what we did, we didn’t seem to manifest things into our life like we saw it working for others.

We believed in it but yet still didn’t fully commit to it and needed more of a framework to follow instead of jumping around from one manifesting tool to the next… 

We started to experiment with the idea of infusing mindset work with our workouts.

Because we were so good at being consistent with our workouts that we felt it was the perfect time to somehow incorporate mindset work too.

We thought how can we combine our unique approach to fitness with doing hybrid HIIT strength training and deep core exercises along with affirmations and other soul work to reconnect to ourselves in a deeper way to manifest better. 

We did this few a few years and the powerful changes we began to see in ourselves and in our lives we knew we had to get this out to more women.

Through our FSM framework we’ve been able to manifest some amazing things in our life and each day we are intentionally creating our dream life and our workouts provide us with the energy, inner strength and resiliency that we needed to bust through fears and doubts. 

We are here to do the same for you!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Sisters have said:


  You’re probably thinking “I hope this isn’t another one of those plans that is hard to follow…? Right?
We believe in having a plan but a plan with flexibility and structure. A perfect balance between variety and ease. Most plans are complicated, not this one!

  You’re probably thinking “ Will it really work for me…” Right?
Yes, because it has worked for us. It has helped thousands and we are all no different than you. If you believe it will work then it WILL WORK for you,. It works 100%, especially when you step up and take action. Do what we suggest you do and be consistent. Results will happen.

  You’re probably thinking … “Can I really eat whatever I want and reach my goals…” Right? 
Yes! You just need to learn your body again and what you truly like to make it a sustainable lifestyle of eating healthier with the “fun” mixed in. We believe this also plays a part with your mind because if you believe what you are eating and how you are eating is helping you reach your goals… it will. We also share tools to help you feel more FREE around food through macro counting and carb cycling, which are 2 things we did to get to complete FOOD FREEDOM. You can too, we promise it’s so worth it. 
You are worth it.

  You’re probably thinking “ but I’ve tried a million things before - why will this work for me?” Right? 
The honest truth is, this is WHY you need FSM. Because we help you realize how powerful you are right now… with your mind. You have the power right now to be successful or not. We teach you everything you need to create your success inside FSM, which MOST OTHER programs don't do. They miss some key steps in creating your results, not here! And that’s why we put mindset trainings in our fitness program… to help you have the mindset of a FIT HEALTHY person… because that is truly who you are. We have a kickoff series for you when you join that guides you on the path you need to be successful and more with our program and beyond. 

  You’re probably thinking “ this won't work for me because I have ZERO time." Right?
This is where some tough love comes in, because we care for your success so much. You need to let go of using time as an excuse. If you make your health and your happiness a priority, you will find a way to make our program work for you. It just takes 30 minutes are less each day. And just think about how it will change your life in a positive way, isn't taking 30 minutes a day to better yourself and your life worth it?  

  You’re probably thinking “ is there a catch??” Right? 
NO catch. You have to put in the work to get results. That’s is why you are here… you are ready for this! This isn’t like any other online fitness program out there. We teach you the fundamentals you need that lasts for a lifetime!

  You’re probably thinking “ I have food sensitivities and a lot of food fears, will this work ??” Right? 
Yes. Because we give you guidelines and simple things to do to help you create more food freedom in your life. We too felt like we were sensitive to EVERYTHING and developed so many food fears over the years but through our experience we've figured out how to break those feelings and fears. You can too! We have a lot of nutrition help already inside the members area you can dive into once you join and we continue to share food tips to create food freedom every month!


  Are you sure I’m not signing up for something with a contract or “cancellation free”?
100% sure. You can cancel membership anytime with zero charges or fees.

  How is this so cheap?
We've been inspired to keep the price low so that the content and framework can be available to as many people as possible... this allows us to reach and help more people! :)

  How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership?
All you have to do is send us an email to twins@purelytwins.com and we will help take care of it. 

  Do I need a gym membership?
NOPE! Our workouts are designed to be done at home or anywhere. 

  Do I need any special equipment for your workouts? 
You can do all our workouts with your bodyweight but we do use some pieces of equipment for more challenge. Equipment we use is yoga mat, dumbbells and/or kettlebells, sturdy chair or bench, jump rope, resistance bands and mini exercise balls. A lot this equipment is easy to get and last a long time.

And don't worry as with each workout we give you suggestions for what to do if you don't have equipment or need modifications.

  Do I have to follow your monthly workout schedules??
NO, we have a flexible structure here inside FSM. We give you the plan but we give you permission to adjust when needed. The workout schedule allows you to just click to each workout so you can get started in seconds.

  Why would I pay for FSM when I can find workouts for free online?
This is the only way to get real time full length workout videos with us. Some of our workouts that are free and many other fitness people give you a short clip making you to rewind and repeat several times to get the full picture. Also there is no supportive sisterhood behind you either, making holding yourself accountability difficult. 

The other thing FSM gives you that many online fitness people don't is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan for you. You don't have to waste your time scrolling on what workout to do, with the chance of you being distracted by the latest viral video that you end up watching and therefore not doing your workout. 

Finally, when you pay for something you do treat it differently. You show up more. You're more committed and motivated. 

  Do I have to buy a bunch of supplements or weird ingredients? 
No. We don’t take many supplements and no crazy ingredients unless you feel called to them but we will never force you to buy anything.

  Can I use your workout program even if I run or do other fitness activities?
Of course, we feel our workouts are a great supplement to runners. Actually, back when we ran half and full marathons some of our best races where when we did less running and more of our HIIT strength training workouts. If you do our workouts and other activities all we suggest is that you make sure you eating enough calories to sustain it all.

  Do you have meal plans for me to follow or strict rules?
Heck no. We are all about making your own rules. All we do is have guidelines for you to follow and make adjustments to meet your needs, wants and desires. Meal plans are so 90's right? And they are boring right? Where you are excited during the first week but time second week comes around you are losing steam to keep up with it because it doesn't represent your personally likes, dislikes, needs and wants. We are constantly sharing simple food tips and strategies to help you form your moderation approach to eating.

  I don’t need to lose a bunch of weight, I just would like to tone up more. Is your plan right for me?
YES! FSM is perfect for you. That’s was our goal as well. It is perfect for those women wanting to firm up and gain more strength in their bodies, or for those just want to live a healthy fit lifestyle.  Most of maintain a healthy and fit looking body year after year with ease and love.

  Do I have to keep up with macro counting or carb cycling? 
It is not necessary. We did those things and highly suggest using them to help you learn your body better to create a more mindful approach to eating where you don’t have “track”. That is how we did it and help our clients do the same. We feel they can be good starting points but not everyone has to do it and they can still get results. It’s all what you can get your mind behind and do it 100%!

  What if I have a health condition or severe eating disorder?
We recommend that you seek professional help in those areas and consult with your doctor prior to joining this membership. 

  My goals might be different than someone else, how do I know your program will work for me?
Great thing with our program we highly suggest you focus on you and only you. It’s okay and normal for us to all have different goals. Together we can help each other and inspire one another. Our program gives you the foundation to get you were you want to go. It’s about staying consistent on the program, having fun and enjoying the process.

  What if I am pregnant or just had a baby, or have Diastasis Recti (ab separation), is this safe for me?
It will be safe for you after your pregnancy and go through our postpartum program, then yes it would be a nice program to do to keep consistent. And for my moms who have Diastasis Recti you can use this program (Like Lori does) after you have healed your ab separation. We suggest you check out our pregnancy program HERE and our postpartum program HERE to get you started there. But once you are ready we will be so excited to have you. 

We've been where you are and understand the frustrations and want to save you a lot of time and pain if possible.

Because unlike other "fitness experts" out there, we TRULY care about your success and overall wellness.

We just know you are going to love FSM membership and how is transforms your mind, body and life like nothing else. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Lori and Michelle, the Purely Twins

P.S. In case you're one of those people (we sometimes do it too) who just skip to the end of the message, here's the deal:

We were girls who struggled with health and skin problems, and hating our bodies. We struggled with getting a more lean, toned body because all we did was cardio.

We were able to get our fit, toned body and over the years were able to heal our skin and health problems for good. And we've been able to maintain our healthy fit bodies for over 8 years and that's never stepping a foot into a gym or doing long hours of cardio anymore.

We came across Law of Attraction and power of our minds back during our serious health and skin days and it LITERALLY changed it all for us.

We have been able to manifest an incredible life for ourselves where we are intentionally creating our dream life as our reality and want to help you do the same.

Now we put all our best mindset stuff and home full body workouts into one platform making it super easy for you to get the same results of helping you reach your dream body and life.

You've got nothing to lose as you can cancel anytime. No contracts. 

If you're thinking, "whoa, Lori and Michelle, this is so generous and bold of you!" 

Take our guarantee as proof of how much we believe in this system will be the thing that finally works for you, leaving you with a body you love and the life you dream of and deserve. 

So... what are you waiting for, girl?

It's only $27/a month to be a member. 

So, click the button below to start YOUR NEW FIT SOUL BOSS LIFESTYLE inside Intentionally Built immediately.

 Try it now with our FREE 7-day trial. Cancel anytime.

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