5 Secrets to get in shape fast & be healthy without the restrictions
Learn Why You Are Not Healing Your Health/Skin Issues, Still Struggling With Body Image, Sabotaging Your Finances, And Not Seeing The Success You Want. 

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Learn how we created a sustainable lifestyle - feeling beautiful and strong inside out without the overwhelm, guilt, and rules.

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We are Michelle and Lori, creators of purelytwins.com and the fit soul boss movement and sisterhood.
We here to help you be and feel healthy, happy and fit while having fun in the process.
Helping women reshape their mind and bodies through less exercise, no diets & more self-love.

We share our love of all things wellness, personal development, being purely us to encourage 
you to be purely you and live your healthiest happiest life without all the food and 
body obsessions, overwhelm and guilt. 

Between the two of us - After years of suffering from severe digestive issues, imbalanced hormones, acne, eczema, PCOS, diastasis, low self-esteem and self-worth, no confidence, depression and overwhelm we discover on our journey to just be happy and looking good is more than just how you exercise and eat, what you put on your skin, your thoughts, your beliefs and your environment affect your health and happiness.  
Welcome To The Fit Soul Boss Tribe #FITSOULBOSSES
It is a tribe of active, health/wellness conscious, ambitious, spiritual, overcoming perfectionism, overwhelmed, frustrated women, moms and girls who want a break...

want to end the struggle with skin, health issues and body.

A tribe of women who empower each other to realize their value, worth and power. 

A collaborative, supportive, judgment-free tribe who want to uplift themselves and others. 

Become the boss of your mind and body to intentionally create an 
incredible healthy abundant life and a fit healthy body.

We are here to help you create and live your fit soul boss life...loving yourself along the way.

Break the rules, get a life and body you love. We’ll show you how.

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The Real Deets on How to Live a Lean, Healthy, Happy, Fulfilling Life.
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Join the fit soul boss tribe - that focuses on self-growth, healing, self-love, happiness, health, wealth and success. 
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