Ditch the Gym and Transform your Body At home in under 25 minutes a day 
 Get Fit Anywhere Home Workout Online Program:
30 total Body Workouts  
to Get Toned and Firm Without complicated equipment
HIIT Workouts Designed For Fat Loss And Muscle Maintenance 
To Do At Home. No Gym Required.

You Get 30 FULL-LENGTH Workout videos for only $25!

Yes, you are working out with us in each workout video where we keep you motivated to get you results. 

It's like having a personal trainer right there in your home.
Feel more comfortable in your skin 
We know how life can get chaotic and busy.  These are the exact workouts we've done to tone our bodies without getting bulky or taking hours out of our day.   We created this program to be convenient to get your workout in and still be challenged without any fancy equipment. 

A great place to start if you stretched for time or need a program that is flexible around your busy lifestyle.  We provide mindset tips to keep you uplifted and positive throughout your busy day. Learn about our 3-part steps to success: Fit Workouts, Fit Nutrition and Fit Love. 
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This is for you if you want...
 results without having to spend hours in the gym...

  Or to ditch the gym all together. 

Great news is that more research is showing that intensity, not duration is the driver of changing your physique. 

Get bored easily? 

We got you covered boss babe. 

This has 30 unique workouts that are full of variety and having you move exercise to exercise quickly so things don't get boring. 

Any fitness level can do them as you 
push until you can't and rest when you want.

Effective workouts that help you look fit.

Let Your Body Be The GYM.
Stay Fit No Matter Where You Are.

Get Fit Anywhere Online Workout Program a 5-week HIIT + Bodyweight based exercise solution to BURN fat, BUILD lean muscle and BOOST your cardiovascular capacity. 

Hey Fit Soul Boss, 
We're certified personal trainers, fitness + spiritual gurus, lifestyle coaches with a focus on empowering women from all over to be the boss of their bodies, minds and lives. 

After a decade of struggling of with excessive over exercise and dieting, which created a lot of health issues from depression, candida, acne, imbalanced hormones (missing periods for over 3 years), PCOS, eczema, gut issues, poor energy, and had eating disorders, binge eating and poor body image. Lori also suffered and healed her diastasis (ab separation) after having kids.

After years of being at war with ourselves, we were ready for a change. We finally found a solution and it’s our mission to share that with you. 

Our goal is to inspire others to change their thoughts and beliefs about their bodies, food, themselves and lives to feel strong at the core - physically and emotionally. 

After years of being at war with ourselves, we were ready for a change. We finally found a solution and it’s our mission to share that with you. 

Working with over hundreds of women (and experiencing these struggles ourselves) here are some of the most common struggles that we hear are...
I don't have enough time to do my workouts because I feel like if I can't get to the gym for at least an hour, it's not worth it.

Need to break the all-or-nothing mindset
I struggle with consistency.

Need to have workouts that are sustainable and doable for real life that don't do extremes.

I get so bored with my workouts. I lose motivation. 
Need to switch up workouts more to have more variety to prevent boredom.

This is WHY we created this program! 

We specialize in helping women manifest their dream bodies and life that’s overflowing with love, abundance and wealth with our fit soul movement practice by unleashing your inner confidence and power inside of you to feel more beautiful, have more energy and clarity, and become more resilient in life without feeling deprived or restricted, to overcome disordered binge eating and feeling uncomfortable in your body to end inconsistency that’s stopping results from happening. 

  What People Are Saying:
"...No More Long Hours Of Workouts !"
I really feel like the workouts improve my fitness and I love that I don't have to spend an hour or more every night working out to do it. 
Jessica, C
"...Short Workouts and Faster Results"
The workouts were varied and I loved how short they were, yet I saw and felt results after the first week!
Laura, D
"...Doable yet challenging workouts!"
I really love all the workouts. Who knew how great I'd feel doing them!!  I love the support and the workouts are doable yet very challenging. 
Ashley, K 
"...I can see my progress"
I have to thank you for creating Get Fit Anywhere because coming back to it has been so much fun and a challenge but I can also see the progress I have made on my own journey these last 18 months and I am grateful to have found you two online back when I did. I'm truly in a better place now.

Crystal, F
"...Love these workouts are short, sweet and sweaty"
Week 1 went well! By day 2 I was feeling that booty burn. I felt an internal motivation from the mantra “ I am worthy. I believe I am worthy. I feel worthy”. It went beyond know my worth and felt more of an appreciation for myself and the health and wealth of my body. I love these workouts are short, sweet and sweaty!
Lynnette, M
Get Fit Anywhere Guide Is For: 
  • ​ Women who’s looking for consistency, motivation and support with fitness, food and mindset
  • ​Women seeking short, effective workouts to burn fat, boost metabolism, stimulate fat loss and build lean muscle
  • ​Women looking for home workouts who are tired of the gym life 
  • ​Women who are tired of doing tons of cardio and not seeing the results they’re looking for
  • ​Women who to want to find a more balanced lifestyle and find solutions to make fitness a way of life
  • ​Women who want to look better, feel better and enjoy their workouts
  • ​Women who want a more sustainable approach and healthy relationship with fitness
  • ​Women who believe in the mind body connection and committed to herself and elevating her life physically and mentally
  • ​Women who want to find their inner strength through movement
  • ​Women who are want to be surrounded by a tribe of like-minded women
Get Fit Anywhere Guide Is Not For: 
  • ​Women not motivated to take action
  • ​Women wanting a one-size fits all approach
  • ​Women who don’t believe in their mind & soul connection with their bodies
  • ​Women not willing to put in the work for a healthier lifestyle change
  • ​Women looking for a quick fix
  • ​Women who want long workouts or to train for hours
  • ​For those who want exercise to be their whole life
  • ​It's not for people who are trying to add lots of muscle or get super strong. This is more for the average person who wants lose burn some fat, look fit and get consistent with their workouts. This program was not designed for bodybuilding or powerlifting.

With is you get all 
30 real-time workout videos...

So not only are you getting 5-week workout schedule and printable PDF of each workout but here's your ONE TIME chance to get full length workout VIDEOS!

Plus we give you workout
intros where we provide you
with how to do each exercise and 
provide modifications

What's Included in Get Fit Anywhere Guide :
>> 30 Real Time BODYWEIGHT workout videos and each workout is different so keeping you from getting bored.
>> Workouts (all 30 minutes or less) for BURN and FIRMING
>> Printable PDFs of each workout with photos for each of the movements 
so it’s easy to follow along
>> Private member access portal to access these FULL LENGTH workout videos anytime, anywhere. You get to work out with us in real time to keep you motivated.
>> Simple tips to get you going on your new journey with fitness and wellness
>> 5-week Workout Calendar so there is zero guesswork about what workout to do when
>> BUY once and have for LIFE

>>> But wait! There's more... <<<

Bonus: You also get access to our 5 Self-Love Coaching Calls. 

These Bonus Coaching Calls are VALUED at $97.

But you get them for FREE. 

One thing we've learned along our journey to get the bodies and life we wanted we had to have more self-love for ourselves. 

You have to love your body in order to really change your body in a positive, healthy way.

These self-love coaching calls will help you to stop picking at your body, stop the obsessions and end the all-or-nothing mindset, with our personal coaching.

 Learn how to:
>> Improve Body Image 
>> Increase More Self-Love For Yourself
>> To Feel More Comfortable In Your Skin
>> To Radically Love Yourself
>> Stop Letting Food Control Your Life!

Is this program safe for Diastasis Recti?

Yes and no. It depends where you are on your journey of healing your ab separation from Diastasis. Lori's does provide DR safe modifications. If you are doing safe core work to strengthen you ab gap than you could do these workouts. But if you aren't doing any core work to help heal your DR we suggest to not do these workouts and to come back to them once your core is stronger. If you can hold plank without any peeing in pants, pain or coning than you can do these workouts. 
Is there any coaching that goes along with this?

There is not. This program is a DIY. Great for those that love guidance but don't need their hand held for the entire thing. It’s a practice in YOU learning your body, listening to it and implementing workouts that will challenge it to change. We did our best to share the best insights with you inside the guide. If there is additional content that needs clarification, we will be adding that to the PDF guide. However, there is no ongoing coaching access to me, but the value of the program ($200) which you get for just $19.97.
Is there any equipment needed? 

Technically, no. But some workouts you will need a chair and resistance bands (these are optional).
How is program delivered? 

It is an online course. You create an account to gain access to private members area where you have access to program 24/7. You can do it anywhere and anytime. You have this program for LIFE!
I am a runner, will I like this?

We think so :) We know you will enjoy the workouts and the results in your overall body's strength from doing these workouts. When we did our marathons we loved doing our HIIT trainings mixed in with our runs, in fact we believe it made us better runners. We eventually loved the results we got from HIIT bodyweight workouts that we ended running. 
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