Helping Women Strengthen Their Core, Heal Diastasis Recti, 
and help strengthen Pelvic Floor to improve any mummy tummy issues.
You are here because you want to get a stronger and flatter tummy
Well here are my Favorite Top 12 core Video Trainings To help Heal your Ab separation and lose that lower belly pooch
continue to strengthen your core with simple yet powerful core Workout Trainings (They Are Diastasis Recti Safe) and feel better in 30 days or Less. 

With this video bundle, you get 12 exclusive training videos that I did with my private mommy clients inside our private Facebook group plus one bonus video sharing important cues to making sure you are engaging your core better to make sure you are really engaging core correctly to SEE and FEEL results in your belly.

Some equipment is needed but not mandatory is resistance band loops and mini exercise ball.

All the core workout training sessions can be done at your home and only take about 10 minutes to do. 

It's time to stop dealing with a lower belly pooch that won't go away, bulging tummy, Diastasis Recti (gap between your abdominals), posture concerns, and urinary incontinence (leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, jumping, or exercise).

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Time for you to feel comfortable with your tummy again, even after having kids.
HINT: You don't have to be a mom to do these exercises and receive the amazing benefits from them to flatten your tummy and give you a core that functions better to life you daily life with less pain and more confidence.
It's about having a strong core that helps you move in your daily life with less pain & helps with stability...

like getting out of bed...
bending over to get something out of your purse...
carrying grocery bags in one hand and a kid in the other.

These core exercises focus on the transverse abdominis. 

These are the muscles that hold in your organs (we don't want them just flop out there, because they don't work as well, we don't want that) and create the shape of your abdomen.

We all want to feel and look are best right?
We all want our body and organs functioning at their best right?
We all want to feel comfortable in our bodies right?

Let's do this together. 
Hi, it's Lori here.
I am a spiritual body and soul lifestyle coach, a mom of 2 girls, previous diastasis recti suffer and pre/postnatal trainer. 

I so excited to share with you a way of training with me at a low cost. Come and join me to continue to strengthen your core with simple core diastasis recti safe exercises. Plus I share quick tips for postpartum and pregnancy related topics to help heal mummy tummy issues.

I am always going to be doing daily core work to keep my deep core muscles strong to keep my ab separation small and fascia strong. Personally see how I train my core now 18 months postpartum after baby #2.

That's the inspiration for the Coffee and Core trainings. 
 I wanted to create an affordable DIY option for those who need the accountability and direction to heal their ab separation and strengthen their core but might not be able to pay for continued on-going coaching and one-on-one access. This program is DIY, which means I won’t be coaching you, BUT you have these videos for LIFETIME.
Who is the program for: 
  • Moms that need exercises to challenge their core more and to continue to keep their core strong (great for those that previously suffered from diastasis recti like me and need help with keep core strong).
  •  Moms wanting simple and effective CORE exercises for more support and guidance that takes only 10 minutes a day to do
  •  Moms that has ever dealt with incontinence
  •  Moms that can feel a separation or gap between their abdominals
  •  Any women who wants to have really strong deep core muscles and pelvic floor to prevent any ab separation in the future and to help with any back pain 
  •  Pregnant moms who want a collection of videos to use for their postpartum healing journey 
  •  ANY WOMEN who wants to build a stronger core to have flatter and stronger abs (you don't have to be a mom to get receive the core benefits from these exercises)


Great way to get personal coaching from me in a more affordable way. 

I normally would sell this Coffee and Core Bundle for $59

But for TODAY I am offering for you to get it NOW for just $19.97

Get your core videos and coffee chats for this great deal!

Are you ready?

Get instant access to the videos today AND have the videos for LIFE.
  What People Are Saying:
"...4 fingers width to under 2!"
 I originally self-diagnosed I was over 4 fingers width with my diastasis (!) but with persistence and with the help of your exercises (I had just started routine 4) I was down to under 2 which was fantastic.
Safia, B
"...tone up and stronger in my core"
I appreciate all that you share and do. I've really enjoyed the workouts and it's helped me tone up and feel stronger in my core. Thank you.
Samantha, W
"...seen a huge improvement in core strength!"
I just wanted to let you know that I have seen a huge improvement in my core strength since I started your exercises. I feel my core getting stronger each day. 
Jennifer, A
Here's more of what you learn in each video.
Intro Video: Learning basic starting techniques for engaging core better and help with making sure you are engaging along with ribs down and good breathing to get the most out of your core work
 Video 1:
* How to handle being sick with diastasis

* How to cough and sneeze better to protect your core

*Core exercises: heel slides and heel lifts
Video 2: 
* Importance of self-care and self-love

* Importance of taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially

* Core exercises: heel slides and heel lifts
Video 3:
* Tips on how to stand up from being on the floor or how to pick something up off the floor

* Simple tips on how I do daily belly breaths to keep my core tight throughout the day

* Core exercises: basic heel slides, advanced heels slides with leg lift and bridge knee to chest exercise
 Video 4:
* Power of the mind – watching your language and training mind to see things differently

* Asking simple yet powerful questions to yourself to gain more confidence and feel better

*Core exercises: clamp shells with mini exercise ball squeeze (one of my favs) and sitting arm squeezes with mini exercise balls to target separation above belly button
Video 5: 
* Questions to help you find your passion in life and places to focus on making better to create a better life that you desire

* Power of taking care of your mind: thoughts, energy and vibrations to create more abundance and fulfillment in life

* Core exercises: Lying down bent knee mini exercise ball squeezes and upper ball squeezes to target abs above the belly button
Video 6:
* Will you ever be able to do regular core exercises again?

* Can you or should you do planks?

* How to tell if you linea alba is strong?

* Core exercises: vacuums 20 second holds with standing hip raises (need mini exercise ball)
 Video 7:
* Discussion on the journey of recovery/healing our bodies from pregnancy?

* When will your diastasis heal?

* When will you see results?

* Stress tips to help flatten tummy

* Core exercises: vacuums 20 second holds and bridge pulses (need mini exercise ball)
Video 8: 
* Why squats are such a great exercise for core strength and healing DR

* Powerful thoughts you need to say to see results (power of the mind for overall success)

* Things that helped me heal and what I suggest you focus on

* Core exercises: squats with mini exercise ball, squat with 5 pulse squeezes and hold squat with arm squeezes and standing arm squeezes
Video 9:
* The power of your mind and the stories you tell yourself determine your success

* Simple technique to make sure you are pulling pelvic floor up and in

* Core exercises: Clamshells with mini exercise ball or resistance band loops and sit and stand exercise
 Video 10:
* Continued mom life chat- changing my story

* Quick posture tips to help you get in better alignment throughout the day

* Core exercises: NEW EXERCISE (one of my new favorites) you will need resistance band loop for this. Resistance band pulls – 3 different ways along with clam shells
Video 11: 
* How to make sure you are engaging properly.

* How to activate your TVA
How to activate your pelvic floor

* Core exercises: using a chair and mini exercise ball for sitting ball squeezes and arm squeezes
Video 12:
* How to use the power of mind for success

* How to visualize to get the body you want

*Core exercises: using a chair for simple leg raises and leg lifts
Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share with my personal practice around healing my diastasis and sharing new techniques I learn as a trainer. This is a practice that has worked for me and countless others. And I believe in it deeply. However, my attorney says I have to say this: I don't guarantee or warrant results or immediate results. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students.
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