Ditch the Diet, Drop the food rules & Love food again!
 Eating For Life Ebook:
Your pleasurable, self-paced guide to a renewed relationship to food.
We used to struggle With binge eating, obsessed with counting calories and eating perfectly healthy to girls with total food freedom! We eat a balanced diet that includes green juice, cocktails, kale salads and Chocolate every day.

We feel so free when it comes to our food choices.

You can now too start creating more ease into your life.
Eat normally Again. Don't let food control you anymore but support your lifestyle
It's time to end dieting and fearing food, and LOVE food and yourself again. We help you create your plan for success and happiness through finding the diet that works for you. We believe every person needs some sort of eating guide that they can follow for life.

This ebook is your jumpstart to your healthiest, happiest body and life without any dieting or deprivation!
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It's time to end dieting and fearing food AND love food and yourself again. Because it is possible for you to have food freedom.

What you learn in this guide:

- our 20 simple food guidelines
- a list of protein, carbs and fat sources
- How to eat dessert without feeling bad
- How to drop all the guilt around food
- When you should eat
- Why macro counting can be good
- How to start building a healthy relationship with food
We know exactly how you feel around food...

Hey babe, 
We're certified personal trainers, fitness + spiritual gurus, lifestyle coaches with a focus on empowering women from all over to be the boss of their bodies, minds and lives. 

After a decade of struggling of with excessive over exercise and dieting, which created a lot of health issues from depression, candida, acne, imbalanced hormones (missing periods for over 3 years), PCOS, eczema, gut issues, poor energy, and had eating disorders, binge eating and poor body image. Lori also suffered and healed her diastasis (ab separation) after having kids.

We went from girls who obsessively counted calories and made sure we burned them off at the gym to no longer looking at the calories. Girls that restricted then binged ate to girls who eat a balanced diet that includes dessert every day with no guilt. We are no longer feel the need to diet, but comfortable with our food and how we feel in our bodies. 

Our goal is to inspire others to change their thoughts and beliefs about their bodies, food, themselves and lives to feel strong at the core - physically and emotionally. 

After years of being at war with ourselves and food, we were ready for a change. We finally found a solution and it’s our mission to share that with you. 

It's time for you to build a better relationship with food and your body so you can start living the life you are meant to live.
This is WHY we created this program! 
This is for you if....
you worry about what you eating all the time...
afraid it will make you break out...
afraid it will make you gain weight...
afraid it will make your health worse...
tried everything and don't know what else to do...
tried every diet or food trend and still no improvements...
Let us guide you to food freedom and seeing food as food!
We specialize in helping women manifest their dream bodies and life that’s overflowing with love, abundance and wealth with our fit soul movement practice by unleashing your inner confidence and power inside of you to feel more beautiful, have more energy and clarity, and become more resilient in life without feeling deprived or restricted, to overcome disordered binge eating and feeling uncomfortable in your body to end inconsistency that’s stopping results from happening. 

  What People Are Saying:
"...feel more happier and less stressed !"
I love this guide as it has helped me feel more relaxed, less stressed and happier.
Sandra, F
"...more confident in my food choices"
My relationship with food has gotten so much better! A lot of my emotional connection I had to food is diminishing and I'm more confident in my food choices.
Becky, W
"...I didn't binge"
Thanks to you girls I am proud of myself. I fancied chocolate and let myself have 4. I didn't binge and didn't beat myself up.
Manda, K 
A Guide To A Healthier, Happier, More Confident You Through A Balanced Diet
We help you create your plan for success and happiness through finding the diet that works for YOU. 

We believe every person needs some sort of eating guide that they can follow for LIFE.

Life is always changing. Your body, your health and your goals are always changing, which is why this is a guide NOT rules.

Eating for Life is a flexible plan.

It is to help you reconnect with yourself so that your mind and body work together to create a maintain a positive daily experience with food.

Is this an online program or a file I download?

This is not an online course. You will receive an email with the link to download the ebook.
You have it for life. Any updates you get for free.
Is there any coaching that goes along with this?

There is not. This ebook is a self-pace guide. Great for those that love guidance but don't need their hand held for the entire thing. There are no meal plans to follow, but general tips to help you find what foods that work for you and find a way of eating that works for you.
Is this appropriate for someone with an eating disorder? 

No, this program is not appropriate for those currently struggling with an eating disorder. We understand as we too suffered from disordered eating for over a decade. Recovering from an eating disorder requires one-on-one nutrition counseling and therapy, which are not provided in this ebook. 

This ebook is appropriate for those struggling with more  mild forms of disordered eating, such as yo-yo dieting, guilt around food and/or binge eating.
Is there a guarantee?

We stand by our work 100% but we cannot guarantee anything. Each person is different and the results depend on you. Being that this is simply a guide there are no refunds.
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