End the food Obsessions, negative self-talk and self sabotage for good.
 Ditch the war with yourself and food:
Stop the frustration with the fear of gaining weight with what you ate, obsessing over food to have freedom to have the ability to eat what you want without having skin or health issues (or making them worse), stop being at war with food and yourself...

Learn how to start loving yourself and create even more freedom around food, experience more joy when eating and love your body now to have peace again.

There were many times in our healing journey that we thought...

 well, this is just the way it’s going to be forever…I will always be the girl that struggles…nothing I do seems to work for me, so I guess this is just who I am….I’m not like “her”...this is just how I am, I’ve always been like this, I’ve never been like that...

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever had these thoughts?

We now have a deeper understanding why we had such a hard time with food, loving our bodies, improving our health, clearing our skin after years and years of pain. 

We are so grateful for it all and for God choosing us to share and help others heal too.

We realized WE CAN HEAL. We can overcome this.

We have! And you can too!

No more binge eating. No more counting calories. No more picking at our bodies. No more going to the gym to burn off what we ate. No more dieting. No more food obsessions. Total body love.

How do you turn things around with all this stuff you thought 
would be with forever??

You have to be aware it’s going on. You have stop playing the victim.

Next, you have to find peace and probably do a lot of forgiveness work.

Then you move into BELIEVING that it is possible to heal…to be better.

Have the strength to ask for help as you know there is nothing wrong with you. You deserve better!

We are living proof you can live a different story. 

We have shared our struggles and inside this ultimate self-love bundle we share what we did to heal and create a life of freedom and peace.

This is your sign reminder that you CAN heal too.

 You have to do the work & have the right mindset.

Are you ready?
Go from hating your body, feeling broken to totally confident and happy in your Body.
How would you like to learn the deeper reasons why you are not seeing results and discover what you really need to overcome binge eating and body image issues.

These jam packed coaching calls are not for everyone!

It's for those women who are just at the start of learning to love themselves and want to find a good balance with food and exercise. 

It's for those women who have TRIED ALL THE THINGS and still not getting results or find themselves still not happy or feeling enough. 

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These coaching calls have only been seen by past clients.

And now we are offering you this special deal to gain access to these exclusive videos.

You are here taking action to better yourself and change your life.

Which many don't do. They just stay in autopilot, but not YOU! 

You know you are meant for more...because you are.

 We are offering you the ultimate bundle of previously recorded LIVE coaching calls from our signature course Stop Obsessing Start Living to ditch the struggles for good!

We got you covered fit soul boss babe as we know what it is like to feel like you have tried all the things and still no change in your skin, your health, your overall well-being. 

In these videos we will help you to live with more freedom and joy around food,
stop being at war your body, 
improve your health, skin and self-image,
and get to your healthy weight for you without dieting or restricting. 

We will also help you create balance and freedom in all parts of life and feel fulfilled and passionate about life again.

We want you to know you are worthy. 

We want you to feel amazing and comfortable in your body. 

We want you to love the skin you are in. 

We want you to be living a happy fulfilling life. 

We want you to have so much confidence in yourself you go after your dreams. 

BUT you first need to love your body and self. 

Self-love means doing things that make you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Learning to love yourself takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

This is why you get life time access to these videos, so you can watch them over and over.
Learn how we live a happy healthy balanced fulfilled life in these coaching calls. Over 12 hours of content to change your life. 

And you are getting them for one low price because we want you to take action and start your journey to healing.

By the end of you watching all the videos and you didn't enjoy them, we'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked. You have 30 days to take action.

Hey babe, 
We're certified personal trainers, fitness + spiritual gurus, lifestyle coaches with a focus on empowering women from all over to be the boss of their bodies, minds and lives. 

After a decade of struggling of with excessive over exercise and dieting, which created a lot of health issues from depression, candida, acne, imbalanced hormones (missing periods for over 3 years), PCOS, eczema, gut issues, poor energy, and had eating disorders, binge eating and poor body image. Lori also suffered and healed her diastasis (ab separation) after having kids.

After years of being at war with ourselves, we were ready for a change. We finally found a solution and it’s our mission to share that with you. 

Our goal is to inspire others to change their thoughts and beliefs about their bodies, food, themselves and lives to feel strong at the core - physically and emotionally. 

After years of being at war with ourselves, we were ready for a change. We finally found a solution and it’s our mission to share that with you. 

Our intention with these training videos is that you are starting to look at yourself with less judgement. Less hate. And with more truth and love. 

If you were or are like us and felt crazy around food, obsessed with being perfectly healthy
and couldn’t seem to be happy or feel enough this for you.

We finally realized that we don’t need fixing, we aren’t broken. And neither are you.

All we needed to do was...

Stop coming from a place of hate and shame around our bodies and instead come from a more loving, compassionate mindset. 

No matter what we reached on the outside we weren’t happy. 

Can you relate?

We had to go internal. 

We had to address the deeper core issues, that’s when our true transformation happened. 

If we can overcome our food and body image issues so can you. 

We are here to show you what’s possible.

We here to coach you so you can have total body and food freedom too.

We specialize in helping women manifest their dream bodies and life that’s overflowing with love, abundance and wealth with our fit soul movement practice by unleashing your inner confidence and power inside of you to feel more beautiful, have more energy and clarity, and become more resilient in life without feeling deprived or restricted, to overcome disordered binge eating and feeling uncomfortable in your body to end doubt that’s stopping results from happening. 

  What People Are Saying:
"...feel more happier and less stressed !"
I love this guide as it has helped me feel more relaxed, less stressed and happier.
Sandra, F
"...more confident in my food choices"
My relationship with food has gotten so much better! A lot of my emotional connection I had to food is diminishing and I'm more confident in my food choices.
Becky, W
"...I didn't binge"
Thanks to you girls I am proud of myself. I fancied chocolate and let myself have 4. I didn't binge and didn't beat myself up.
Mandy, K 
This Is For: 
  •   Women who’s looking for support with fitness, food and mindset
  •  Women who are tired of dieting and trying to be perfectly healthy and still not seeing results
  •  Women who to want to find a more balanced lifestyle 
  •  Women who want to look better, feel better without feeling restricted
  •  Women who want a more sustainable approach to eating and taking care of themselves
  •  Women who believe in the mind body connection and committed to herself and elevating her life physically and mentally
This Is Not For: 
  •  Women not motivated to take action
  •  Women wanting a one-size fits all approach
  •  Women who don’t believe in their mind & soul connection with their bodies
  •  Women not willing to put in the work for a healthier lifestyle change
  •  Women looking for a quick fix
What's Included and How it Works:
>> It's online training videos that you can watch from any device

>> You have the videos for life to watch over and over again as sometimes it takes a few times hearing something for it to click

>> How to love yourself on all levels and see how all parts of your life affect how you feel about yourself and food

>> You will receive an email with the links to the videos

>> You get 16 previously recorded LIVE coaching calls. Call that have only been seen by our clients. 

Learn our life-changing mindset shifts and practices we did that literally changed our feelings and mindset around food and our bodies, and ended dieting and being at war with food.

Break free from all the food rules, struggles and self doubts and reclaim your life.

Disclaimer:This workshop is not designed to diagnose or treat those suffering from clinically-diagnosed eating disorders. The information enclosed in this course is for educational purposes only and Lori and Michelle, purelytwins, take no responsibility for the choices that you make with your nutrition. By enrolling in this, you acknowledge that you alone are responsible and if you have questions, you understand that you can and should consult to your physician. 
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