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  Stop Obsessing Start Living 
How would it feel to no longer obsess over what you are eating and turning to exercise to fix all your problems?
What if we told you that having a better relationship with food, your body and yourself is possible with no binge eating or dieting, or spending long hours at the gym?
Are you jumping from diet to diet, cleanse to cleanse trying to find that thing to fix you?

We get you. That was us too. We were obsessed with finding that perfect diet to get us that ideal body. Because then we would finally be happy and be able to love ourselves.

But this lead us down a dark path that we want to help you avoid. 

Even when we got down to our leanest we still didn't feel enough. 
Does any of this sound familiar?
We are here to tell you stop before you hit rock bottom or break this cycle of no matter what diet or book you read nothing is working for you.

We are here to help you stop beating yourself up for thinking you're not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, etc. 

 To help you end the pattern of eating perfectly clean during the week to just find yourself out of control over the weekend and saying "I start over on Monday."

We give you the exact steps we went through to finally be at peace with our bodies and food and truly loving ourselves. 

 We give you all the tools, support, and sisterhood to help you finally start feeling what's like to be free from food and body image obsessions. 

To be confident in your own skin. 

To understand you are enough and worthy of all that you desire. 

That there is nothing wrong with you.

So we ask you, how different would your life be if...

You no longer felt unworthy?
You no longer turned to food for comfort?
You no longer felt like you had to burn off what you just ate?

Are you ready to feel normal around food and finally love your body? 

Inside we'll share with you the secret to get real lasting transformation - from the inside out - and feel confident, sexy, happy, and healthy. 

You'll learn the missing piece of the puzzle that will lead you to freedom from your struggles with food, fitness, and your body.
We understand that loving your body and not fearing food seems impossible.
We know you are exhausted.
What if there was a way to improve your relationship with food, your body and yourself without restrictions, shame or guilt? 

What if there is a way to eat, move and be with more joy and less overwhelm?

What would your life be like if food wasn't constantly on your mind? 

No more stressing about it? 

You dream of waking up in the best shape of your life, loving your body, doing work that is purposeful and know what to eat to feel you best. 
But you feel stuck, confused and frustrated because nothing is changing?
We understand.
Why was it so hard for us to just eat what we wanted without feeling bad about it later and feel like we had to go burn it off at the gym. We tried so hard to be perfect with our diet, that we went from diet trend to diet trend trying to fix us. Only to realize it was actually making us worse.

Now we know ourselves and what our bodies need to feel good around food in any situation. We can have chocolate every day and not feel like we are doing something bad. We can have just one donut or a few bites of a donut with no guilt or feel like we have to go burn it off at the gym.

We no longer stress over if it is paleo, vegan, raw, gluten-free. We actually enjoy going out to eat. We enjoy vacations again. Overtime we noticed we weren’t binge eating anymore because we got to the root of the problem. Our minds are no longer filled with questions about what to eat or not to eat.
This can be you too. Living with food and body freedom. 
This program will have you walking away with:

- Making peace and building more trust with food and ending food guilt.
- Ending your diet-binge-restrict cycle.
- No longer feeling the need to use food to reward yourself.
- Becoming more aware of your thoughts and what you say to yourself to start manifesting what you really want in your life, not what you don't want. 
- Feeling more confident being in your own body and skin; more confident that you'll achieve your ideal weight and more confident in your choices around food.
- Better understanding of who you are, what you want and desire so you can go after your dreams feeling free and alive with a new sense of purpose and passion.
- Feel more balanced in all areas of your life - emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically and mentally. 
If your waiting on that perfect diet to fix you we're here to tell you there is no perfect diet.

Sure you can try one more diet. One more cleanse.

But the bottom line remains the have to get to the ROOT CAUSE to end your binge eating and yo-yo dieting cycle.

This is what you've been searching for. 

You were spiritually guided here for a reason.
12 weeks to end binge eating, beat the self-sabotage, quiet the mean girl in your head, live more mindfully and unleash the most powerful version of yourself. 

Let's reclaim the power that food and body image obsession has stolen from you.

Sound good? 
What you get inside Stop Obsessing Start Living Program :
  •  9 week journey to create more freedom in your mind, body and in LIFE 
  •  Daily video trainings with worksheets hosted in a private members area
  •  LIFETIME membership with unlimited access to the self-paced course
  •  Our best tips, tools and insights to create your freedom map to help you overcome the mental challenges behind binge eating, food fears, comparison, dieting and much more
  •  Make peace with food, end binge eating and reach your healthy, happy weight while having MORE fun
  •  Learn to trust yourself around food and let go of thinking about it constantly and reclaim joy in your life
  •  Private Facebook group to connect, share and grow with your sisters. It's a safe place to discuss anything that comes up in your journey. This support is available to you 24/7. FOREVER. 
We teach you everything we did including our mistakes so you can avoid them. 
We know you are ready to end the struggle with food and we know we can help you. By you investing in this program you are starting your journey to end binge eating, restricting and overeating to create a diet and lifestyle that works for you. One where you feel free, alive, healthy, balanced and happy. 
This is an education worth thousands, and we are finally opening up to those who are ready to roll and want all the goods at a more affordable option. Enroll and begin right away!
Stop Obsessing Start Living is for women who:
  •  Desire more for themselves and for the world
  •  Are open-minded, motivated, and ready to change the way they eat, think, move and live forever
  •  Are ready to stop obsessing over food and exercise and find a much easier, sustainable way to eat and stay in shape
  •  Are tired of feeling anxious or stressed to eat out in public and ready to start enjoying their social life a whole lot more 
  •  Want guidance and accountability from women who have experienced the struggles they are going through right now 
  •  Want to create a better relationship with their body and food
  •  Are WILLING & READY to work on themselves, take the time for discovery, and master their mind
  •  Are willing to step out of their comfort zone to grow
Stop Obsessing Start Living is NOT for women who:
  •  Are just looking for another quick-fix - you won't find that here
  •  Are not really ready to take action
  •  Don't believe in mind-body connection or investing in their spiritual and mental health
  •  Are just wanting another diet to follow
What You Will Learn From This Program:
How to create a successful positive mindset and how to handle any negative self-talk. Learn how to change your thoughts to change your life and start living the life you desire.
Breakthrough the feelings of overwhelm and comparison. 
Tips to help you learn to love yourself to see true transformation with your relationship with food and other areas of your life where you're struggling or living out of fear.
How to learn to start trusting yourself again.
How to stop dieting (or trying not to diet), be more relaxed and trusting of yourself around food and stop obsessing over being perfectly healthy. Strategies to help you deal with emotional eating, why you need to eat dessert and how to end binge eating for good. 
This can be you too. Living with food freedom.
But, we are going to be honest here. It takes time. Creating more freedom and trust with yourself around food is a daily practice that gets better and better over time.

You can have complete trust in yourself and your emotions and simply enjoy food again with friends and family. You can feel confident with your food choices in the present moment.

With the insights from this program you’ll be able to eat a donut or some chips and realize you’ll be okay. That you are able to eat what you want with no guilt.

We want you to be proud of yourself like so many of our clients are of themselves. When they want chocolate they allow themselves to have a few pieces with no binging or beating themselves up afterwards.
It’s our passion to inspire and empower women to be the best version of themselves and reconnect with their inner goddess so they no longer feel like they have to diet.

We put together this self-study course to guide you to create your freedom map where you explore, challenge, change, learn and transform your life and mind. 

We provide tips and insights such as mindset, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, self-love, purpose, money and empowerment.
Then you are able to take all the information you learn inside and continue creating and fine tuning your freedom map to create the body and life of your dreams. 

One that you deserve.
Inside Stop Obsessing Start Living we provide tried and tested tips and strategies that will aid you along your journey to end binge eating and dieting.

When you want to transform your body and not fear food, you need the right course of action. Diets consistently fail because they are missing the true piece for lasting transformation.
Learn why changing your body image isn’t about changing your body - it’s about changing your mindset.
You are the creator of your reality. This is a hard pill to swallow and to admit that we are the ones doing this to ourselves.

We help you process your thoughts to start manifesting the life you truly want. We will help you to learn to unconditionally love yourself and unleash the inner goddess within.

Own your self-worth. When you realize that you are worth it - things will start working out for you. We will push you to discover, challenge and reset any belief or story that’s holding you back from being your true self, unapologetically. We help you break away from the perfection-obsessed society.
Our goal is have you get the life you want that you’ve been putting on hold for so long, telling yourself you’re not good enough, pretty enough or thin enough. You’ll walk with knowing and believing that your jean size or number on the scale has nothing to do with your self-worth.
Whether you’re ready to wholeheartedly let go of the idea that your life will be better 10 pounds from now, we will help you embrace and come from a place of curiosity to approach a new way of thinking about food that will push the perfection thinking to the curb.

This self-paced online video course we put together in an easy-to-follow and take action format that will help turn away from the obsession with our bodies, food and exercise. Each day you get a video coaching with us making this program different than other programs out there. It's like we are right there with you doing it. 
Our approach is effective as we start the program with the first 2 weeks discovering what needs to first be changed in order to see lasting results.
We get you to the root problem that may have led you to hating your body. 

We will have you thinking differently.  

Remember what you think about expands, so what are you currently thinking about your body? 

We bet by you reading this - you aren’t saying nice things and don’t understand why your life and body won’t change for the better. 

This course is designed to empower you and teach you what self-love is all about. It’s a great map to start loving yourself and your body first because that's when the real and lasting change happens.

Inside we show you how to honor yourself through exercise, making the right choices about what to eat (that works for you), embrace failures and fear and break away from the unrealistic standards of perfection (that we suffered for many years). We have four key pillars of health to enhance our well-being and inside you'll learn them to enhance yours.

We know what it is like to have an unhealthy obsession with weight and appearance. Inside SOSL we teach you how to break free of the chains of poor body image and chronic self-doubt and hatred. Through this freedom map approach you’ll be able to take practical steps towards a life without the constant fear of weight gain, tight pants, poor skin or saggy belly.

This program isn’t about losing weight. What it is about is getting you off the yo-yo dieting unworthy cycle that makes you feel so restricted with what you eat and obsessive with exercising.

We keep it real and fun.

If you’re stuck with always trying to control your body, your eating and the way you look, this program is for you.
The Universe has brought you to the right place. 
There are no refunds. Something we've learned working with hundreds of women is that the results go to those who are the most committed and take action. So if you are ready and willing to go all in on yourself. We believe in you. This is your time. 
"I am so thankful God had me say "YES" to this program. This program helped me tremendously. It helped me to really hone in on my emotions, thoughts, beliefs on food, money, my body, my career and my true desires. I have learned ways to turn negative thoughts into positive. To live life more. I used to focus so much on the gym, what my gym schedule looked like for the week, meal prep, what I had to eat.....All that focus and time and energy and stress took the joy OUT of living. And I have let go more. Just letting go of that stress has made a change in my mind, heart, and body. 

Did I gain weight by stopping some of my old habits of over exercise and prep? Nope. I've cut back some of my exercise and still the same size. I am still strong. And most importantly, I am happier. The money for this program is truly so small compared to the benefits. Thank you, Lori and Michelle, for helping me get closer to peace of body, mind and soul.” - Sandra F
"This program was a life changer for me. I felt that someone finally walked through the emotions and thoughts that I felt and how to deal with them and become more who I am supposed to be. I feel more confident as I make the decisions that are best for me! One of the statements that really jumped out at me in this program was "when I make my plan, stick with it." I always second guessed myself and researched things so much that I never stuck with anything for too long. Always worried I wasn't doing the right thing...Through the lessons, encouragement, and time spent paying attention to who I really am, my plans begin to fall into place! I am enjoying much happier, brighter, and more joyful days being me!” - Victoria B
"I was a mess before this program. I was overweight, binge eating, and turning to alcohol. Through this program Lori and Michelle helped me realize there is more to life than food. I could relate to so many of their stories inside the program that I really felt I could end my food and body image issues once and for all (as I have tried and failed in the past). I can happily say I have lost 20 lbs and maintained that, be sober for a year, and quit my job as I realized I want to be doing something different. I am happier than ever and believe I am on the right path for me.” - Alexa F
 Self-love is completely foreign to me. I have struggled all my life with literally hating myself and being self-destructive. It's like fixing something about me was my full-time job and my life's purpose. I realize that I have the power to control my thoughts and am worthy of happiness and health. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your stories and motivating women to love themselves and realize that we aren't broken. Just know that if no one ever expresses gratitude for all you are doing that you have significantly turned my life around and to pull me out of the negative rut of living I have been living for 34 years is a miracle!!!!!!!!!! You both have changed my life in ways I cannot express. ~ Heather J
The SOSL program is an awesome program that takes you through weeks of valuable areas to create more self-love. The action steps are just the “right bite” of information to accomplish and feel successful (unlike other programs that leave you feeling overwhelmed and worse than when you started). The video that goes along with each step is really helpful and everything offered keeps you motivated and connected. And the PDF downloads are great for sticking on your refrigerator to remember what you’re working on…hello, daily mantra reminders! Lori and Michelle are always there to guide and support you. The SOSL program is about you and your life, so you’ll hit on just about every area from exercise to money. Be surprised to learn new things about yourself, let go of things that always held you back, and rebalance your mind and body! -Jennifer L

It's time to love your body, food and yourself. 

It's time to feel happy and confident in your skin.
Start your self-love journey to your healthiest, happiest life that is full of love and passion by ending the war with food and body image obsessions.

It's time for to stop obsessing and start living. You need a holistic, healthy new way of living, feeling, thinking, speaking, eating and moving your body with more love.

And that's exactly what our program SOSL will help you do. Your healing, your growth, your transformation. Starts NOW!
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