Are you ready to Stop Obsessing Over Food and Start Living 
with more freedom on your own terms?
Do you consider yourself a normal eater where you don't stress over what you eat?

Eating should be easy. Do you struggle with food?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about food or what you ate?

Do you struggle with eating something sweet or not so healthy that you feel guilty later for eating it?

Do you feel the pressure to watch what you eat and how you look?

Do you feel after having a more relaxed weekend where you might have Indulged a little more to come home to workout more and eat cleaner?

If yes.

Friend, You are not alone.

So many women do (we did too).


We Also Know It Is Hard To Admit You Have A Food Problem, Right?

We Sure Did. 

It Took Us About 4 Years To Finally Admit We Had A Real Issue With Food And Our Bodies. 

Our Health And Overall Happiness Had To Pay The Price For Us To Have Our Wake Up Calls.

We Had Many Rock Bottoms.

We Want To Help You Stop Going Too Deep Into Your Rock Bottom To Turn Things Around For You.

If We Can Do It, So Can You.


if you are struggling with food guilt, binge eating and 
just want to eat food without all the stress.

we did too.

If you are struggling with overexercising and 
feeling the need to burn off what you just ate to feel better.

We did that too.

If you are struggling with body hate and 
can't seem to stop comparing yourself to find true happiness.

We feel you.

If you tried all the things to be healthy, to get clear skin, to have balanced hormones,
to be fit and lean, and to be healthy and happy ... but never seem to get there.

that was us too. 

We are here to help you.

 introducing Stop Obsessing Start Living 

Hi, we are Michelle and Lori. We are fitness personal development life coaches.

And we know exactly how you feel because we were you.

We went from binge eating, obsessively calorie counting, jumping from diet to diet, and overexercised to avoid gaining weight and to burn off what we ate... 

because we felt guilty for over eating "again"... 

To now eating what we want without guilt, no longer binge eat, eat normally where we don't stress over food, don't feel the need to burn off what we ate, creating a fun, balanced way of eating that is sustainable for life. 

Do you wish to just eat normally, where food wasn't a constant struggle?

Do you wish to stop feeling like you have to go on a cleanse 
after every vacation?

Do you wish to stop the binge eating/restrict cycle?

Do you wish to feel more relaxed around food and be able to eat out with friends again without guilt?

Are you stick of the ups and downs with your body and tired of thinking about food all day?

Are you tired of not being comfortable in your body that you feel embarrassed around your husband or preventing you from going after your dreams?

Here's the thing... 

How much longer are you going to keep putting your life on hold because of your body and relationship with food?

How much longer are you going to stay at a job you hate or be in a bad relationship because of the way you look?

How much longer are you doing to abuse your body with long hours of exercise and dieting?

When are you going to actually allow yourself to FULLY enjoy vacation... 

even better when you get back home you don't feel like you have to go on a diet... 

We are here to tell you that it is POSSIBLE to find peace with yourself and with food...

we know exactly how you feel...

 to lose control around food to abuse your body through dieting and 

hours of workouts that only seemed to make you feel worse...

 and a bit more lost on what actually to do to stop this war with yourself and food. 

"Your SOSL program was life-changing. I am so grateful to have these tools!" - Rebecca
Are you ready to feel normal around food and finally love your body?  

That's why you are here right now! This is so exciting!

Inside this self-study online program, we share with you the secret to get real lasting transformation - from the inside out - and feel confident, sexy, happy, and healthy. 

You'll learn the missing piece of the puzzle that will lead you to freedom from your struggles with food, exercise, and your body.

We aren't your average coaches. We keep it real and vulnerable. 
We understand that loving your body and not fearing food seems impossible.
We know you are exhausted.

We know you just want to have a normal relationship with food.
But just imagine a life where food is just food again.

Imagine being totally free around the stress about food. 

Imagine no longer feeling like you have to avoid social occasions with your friends because of your diet or how you feel about your body. 

Imagine if you could completely rewrite the relationship you have with food, and actually learn and implement how to eat like a normal person again?!

Imagine not being scared of food or worrying about what you are eating or not eating. 

Imagine how you whole life would change where you were in love with your life again where your thoughts weren’t consumed by your weight, your skin or how you felt about your body?

Stop Obsessing Start Living is not a diet plan. 

There are no rules or striving for perfection here.

It’s about loving your whole self to live the most gorgeous, healthy lifestyle 
and respect your body and food.

It is packed with transformational, inner work on top of strategies ...

to help you shatter and shift your old belief system around food...

 to write a new one for you that works for you.

We want to show you exactly how we have completely transformed our own relationship with food...

 and now helping hundreds of women from all over do the same...

 to where all of us are having peace within ourselves and with food. 
You deserve this life too. 
   This program will have you walking away with:
 Having more trust in yourself with food so when you walk into your kitchen, fully trusting your body to guide you towards the foods that taste and feel good to you
 Being a normal eater again where you learn how to eat in a way that works for you to help you feel normal around food
 Making peace with your past with food choices and ending food guilt as you break away from all rules to where you feel so confident in doing what is best for you
 Ending your diet-binge-restrict cycle because you have gotten to the root cause for the habit (which it is not your fault) 
 No longer feeling the need to use food to reward yourself because you have found such fulfillment in other parts of yourself and your life that food is just food again
 Becoming more aware of your thoughts and what you say to yourself to start manifesting what you really want in your life, not what you don't want
 Feeling more confident being in your own body and skin; more confident that you'll achieve your ideal weight and more confident in your choices around food
 Better understanding of who you are, what you want and desire so you can go after your dreams feeling free and alive with a new sense of purpose and passion
 Feeling more balanced in all areas of your life - emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically and mentally

This online course includes insights, frameworks, but also actual tools and strategies you can pull from and use in your real life. 

We are there sharing plenty of stories from our own lives and from clients. 

If you're waiting on that perfect diet to fix you we're here to tell you there is no perfect diet.

Sure you can try one more diet. 
One more cleanse.

But the bottom line remains the same... 

and you will continue to get the same results if ....

you DON'T to get to the ROOT CAUSE to end your binge eating and yo-yo dieting cycle.

This program what you've been searching for. 

You were guided here on purpose. 

It's time for your transformation to happen.
Get access to 11 modules packed with the exact actionable strategies and mindset shifts we did to end binge eating, beat the self-sabotage, quiet the mean girl in your head, live more mindfully and unleash the most powerful version of yourself. 

Let's reclaim the power that food and body image obsession has stolen from you...

 so you can start living life to the absolute fullest where you can be a normal eater.

Sound good? 

Here's a sneak peak inside the private members area... 

What you get inside Stop Obsessing Start Living Program :
  • 11 modules to create more freedom in your mind, body and in LIFE 
  • Over 50 Video trainings with downloadable worksheets hosted in a private members area
  •  LIFETIME membership with unlimited access to the self-paced course to allow yourself to rewatch the material to keep deepening your understanding of the principles
  •  24/7 Access our best tips, tools and insights to create your freedom map to help you overcome the mental challenges behind binge eating, food fears, comparison, dieting and much more
  •  Tactical and spiritual tools to help you make peace with food, end binge eating and reach your healthy, happy weight while having MORE fun
  •  Tips to help you learn to trust yourself around food and let go of thinking about it constantly and reclaim joy in your life
  • ​Get all the content + updates for life. The content is located on an exclusive members' only site. When you enroll you'll be prompted to set up a username and password to create your account to get start immediately.
​Access to 16 previous recorded LIVE coaching calls (about 45 minutes of coaching each video) - Ditch the war with yourself videos. (Value of $297)

Access to Our 5-Day End Binge Eating Video Series. To give you quick and simple real life strategies to use now to end your need to binge eat. (Value $47) 

The teachings inside are worth thousands, and we are giving it to those who are ready to do the work to get to the other side for GOOD and want all the goods at a more affordable option. 

There's no rush to complete this course. 
You can take your time and still get results as long as you do the work.
 Enroll and begin your journey to freedom right away to be a normal eater! 
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Holiday Bonus: Access to 3 Coaching Calls. 
> How to we adjust our meals and food strategy around the holidays. 
>Tips on holiday parties. 
>Tips on how to deal with indulgences. 

These 3 coaching calls are valued of $97. You get them for FREE when you invest today.
Ready to create your own food freedom that 
works for you with ease?
Get instant access!
The total value of ALL the videos is
OVER $1500.

Get instant access to ALL the content for only 

We have two investment options for you. 
Pay in full or Payment plan of 4 small payments.

Simply Enter Your Info Right Now To Get Started...

It’s our passion to inspire and empower women to be the best version of themselves...

 and reconnect with their inner goddess so they no longer feel like they have to diet.
What Others Are Saying:
"I am so thankful God had me say "YES" to this program. This program helped me tremendously. It helped me to really hone in on my emotions, thoughts, beliefs on food, money, my body, my career and my true desires. I have learned ways to turn negative thoughts into positive. To live life more. I used to focus so much on the gym, what my gym schedule looked like for the week, meal prep, what I had to eat.....All that focus and time and energy and stress took the joy OUT of living. And I have let go more. Just letting go of that stress has made a change in my mind, heart, and body. 

Did I gain weight by stopping some of my old habits of over exercise and prep? Nope. I've cut back some of my exercise and still the same size. I am still strong. And most importantly, I am happier. The money for this program is truly so small compared to the benefits. Thank you, Lori and Michelle, for helping me get closer to peace of body, mind and soul.” - Sandra F
"This program was a life changer for me. I felt that someone finally walked through the emotions and thoughts that I felt and how to deal with them and become more who I am supposed to be. I feel more confident as I make the decisions that are best for me! One of the statements that really jumped out at me in this program was "when I make my plan, stick with it." I always second guessed myself and researched things so much that I never stuck with anything for too long. Always worried I wasn't doing the right thing...Through the lessons, encouragement, and time spent paying attention to who I really am, my plans begin to fall into place! I am enjoying much happier, brighter, and more joyful days being me!” - Victoria B
"I was a mess before this program. I was overweight, binge eating, and turning to alcohol. Through this program Lori and Michelle helped me realize there is more to life than food. I could relate to so many of their stories inside the program that I really felt I could end my food and body image issues once and for all (as I have tried and failed in the past). I can happily say I have lost 20 lbs and maintained that, be sober for a year, and quit my job as I realized I want to be doing something different. I am happier than ever and believe I am on the right path for me.” - Alexa F
 Self-love is completely foreign to me. I have struggled all my life with literally hating myself and being self-destructive. It's like fixing something about me was my full-time job and my life's purpose. I realize that I have the power to control my thoughts and am worthy of happiness and health. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your stories and motivating women to love themselves and realize that we aren't broken. Just know that if no one ever expresses gratitude for all you are doing that you have significantly turned my life around and to pull me out of the negative rut of living I have been living for 34 years is a miracle!!!!!!!!!! You both have changed my life in ways I cannot express. ~ Heather J
The SOSL program is an awesome program that takes you through weeks of valuable areas to create more self-love. The action steps are just the “right bite” of information to accomplish and feel successful (unlike other programs that leave you feeling overwhelmed and worse than when you started). The video that goes along with each step is really helpful and everything offered keeps you motivated and connected. And the PDF downloads are great for sticking on your refrigerator to remember what you’re working on…hello, daily mantra reminders! Lori and Michelle are always there to guide and support you. The SOSL program is about you and your life, so you’ll hit on just about every area from exercise to money. Be surprised to learn new things about yourself, let go of things that always held you back, and rebalance your mind and body! -Jennifer L

We're just like you. 

And like you, we struggled with the same problems with food, dieting and health, but we managed to figure out how to fix it, and now we share it with you.
You see, while our relationship to food is healthy today, it wasn’t always that way.

We struggled with many things from constipation, missing periods, imbalanced periods, adult acne, binge eating and body dysmorphia and orthorexia.

We would have thoughts like… we are tired of feeling like this. 
Why can't we seem to get better? 
Why can't we find that one thing to fix us? 
Guess we haven't looked hard enough? 
If we eat these cookies will we gain weight? 
We better go run it off and eat lettuce for dinner. 

We eventually had enough ... 

and we were so sick of food controlling our life and taking all our energy.

And we were tired of always thinking about...
 what to eat, 
when to eat, 
how much to eat. 

We are proud to say that we are free from disordered eating.
You can have freedom too!

Start your self-love journey to your healthiest, 
happiest life that is full of love
 and passion by ending the war with food
 and body image obsessions.

Are you ready to stop obsessing and start living?
Stop Obsessing Start Living is for 
women who:
  • Desire more for themselves and for the world
  •  Are open-minded, motivated, and ready to change the way they eat, think, move and live forever
  •  Are ready to stop obsessing over food and exercise and find a much easier, sustainable way to eat and stay in shape
  •  Are tired of feeling anxious or stressed to eat out in public and ready to start enjoying their social life a whole lot more 
  •  Want guidance and accountability from women who have experienced the struggles they are going through right now 
  •  Want to create a better relationship with their body and food
  •  Are WILLING & READY to work on themselves, take the time for discovery, and master their mind
  •  Are willing to step out of their comfort zone to grow
Stop Obsessing Start Living is NOT for women who:
  • Are just looking for another quick-fix - you won't find that here
  •  Are not really ready to take action
  •  Don't believe in mind-body connection or investing in their spiritual and mental health
  •  Are just wanting another diet to follow
Are you ready?
Get instant Access to the 11 modules with over 50 training videos + ALL bonus coaching videos listed above.

When you enroll in the Stop Obsessing Start Living Course you’ll automatically receive lifetime access to all the material, to work through at your own pace. Since we all have busy lives, this is yours for life - so you can keep coming back as much as you need. 
We have two investment options for you. 

See you on the inside!
Guarantee:  We feel so confident in this program that we promise to return your investment should you not be satisfied. If you fully participate in all the modules, complete the assignments given to you, and you feel like the program did not deliver or give you value, then we will happily send you a full refund to your account, within 90 days of purchase.  
Disclaimer: We are not doctors or dietitians. The information we provide is based on our personal experience, studies of the Law of Attraction and our experience as a Personal Trainers through NASM and ACE. Any recommendations we may make about weight training, nutrition, supplements or lifestyle, or information provided to you in person or on this website should be discussed between you and your doctor because working out involves risks.The information you receive in our emails, programs, services and products do not take the place of professional medical advice.
 I acknowledge and agree that the Coaching Host has made no warranties or representations to me regarding the results I will achieve from the Coaching. I understand that results are individual and may vary.  I acknowledge and understand that the results of any fitness program or life coaching cannot be guaranteed and no warranties have been made regarding the results I will achieve from the Coaching.  I acknowledge that if my health changes, it is my responsibility to recognize the change and seek medical advice.

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